I’m back, who missed me?!…

Just a short post to let all the lovely stations out there know that I have now returned from travelling and that I am ready to fulfil all of your technical dreams…well solve all of your technical problems anyway, so sorry no new cameras! The new year is beginning for all stations and I want to make sure you run as smoothly as possible so any questions fire them my way.

My trip was pretty awesome, if you wanted to know, I visited OZ, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore all lovely countries, but a little hot for my liking (except NZ). Although I spent most of my time scuba diving, quad biking, eating and travelling I still spared some time to keep up with what was going on back here in the UK, especially with NaSTA. Fortunately it would appear no station had any technical problems whilst I was away, I will put this down to it being the summer holidays, however if this isn’t the case and you want some help then just send me an email as I have ample time now :) or if you just want to complain because your HDD failed or similar please just comment below.

NaSTA freestyle live streaming platform

Since I took over the role from Andy in July I have been working on a project which was part of my manifesto, I am trying to procure a server for NaSTA which will allow any station out there who wants to broadcast live and do it for free. It would be a great opportunity for any smaller stations and offer easier live streaming access for the larger ones. Best of all I am trying to do it for free, not costing NaSTA a penny. Think of websites such as Ustream, but without the advertising and better quality. I will keep you updated with any further developments on this exciting project!

Website development

The website is something which I have begun planning some improvements for, it has been suggested that currently member content is hard to find and use so I am investigating the possibility of providing a members only area where affiliated stations will be able to get all the training documents and other useful information. Website development will be a slow process as I want to try to build on what we have and make sure it is exactly what the member stations want. If you have any thoughts about improvements to the nasta.tv site then please comment below.

That’s all from me now, any questions just send me an email, especially if it is anything to do with FreshersTV as it is going to be an exciting event and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out due to technical issues.



Technical Officer