NaSTA Executive

The NaSTA Executive consists of four elected members; The Chair, Development Officer, Marketing Officer and Technical Officer. They have considerable experience in student media. Not only do the NaSTA Exec represent Student television to the industry, sponsors and the NUS they also offer their expertise on a variety of subjects such as Student union-relations, management, technical support and marketing advice.

The NaSTA executive has existed since the 09/10 academic year since then the roles have evolved and transformed to become more focused on networking and support to the rest of NaSTA, each specialising in their own field.

Each member of the of the exec was elected by popular vote of all the affiliated stations at last year's station NaSTA conference. Each vote is over seen by the returning officer and was announced at the NaSTA awards ceremony.

In December 2016, the NaSTA body elected to increase the Executive from 4 members to 7 members. These will consist of:



Industry Liaison Officer

Training Officer

Marketing Officer

Technical Officer

Communications Officer

Avneet Chauhan - NaSTA Chair

[email protected]

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Avneet began Student TV when helping start up Scratch TV in her first year at Birmingham City University. After graduating this Summer, she is keen on continuing to support Student TV Stations in their endeavours, and seek to provide new opportunities with external organisations, and within the organisation. Outside NaSTA, Avneet is a TV Production Secretary and has also worked in various international Film and Television Festivals.

The individual responsibilities of the Association Chair are:

  • To be the spokesperson for NaSTA, taking overall responsibility for all press and publications issued by NaSTA, under advisement from the Marketing Officer.
  • To support the other members of the Executive Committee.
  • To be responsible for the organisation and chairing of Executive and General Meetings.
  • To be responsible and accountable for NaSTA's finances.
  • To work alongside the other Officers to secure the viable long term future of NaSTA.
  • To compile an agenda for, and ensure that minutes are recorded, of all NaSTA meetings and to distribute them to the Executive Committee, and made available through the website.

Christopher Osborn - Development Officer

[email protected]

Chris has been involved with student TV for over 8 years and is completing his PhD at Lancaster University. He has been an active member of LA1:TV for his whole time at university, serving as Station Manager, Live Event Coordinator and Treasure. He was also Host Officer for FreshersTV in 2013 and Deputy Host Officer for the NaSTA Conference jointly hosted in Preston in 2015. He is just starting a career in outside broadcasting as a Junior Vision Engineer.

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The individual responsibilities of the Development Officer are:

  • To develop a strong two-way communication with members by welcoming and briefing new members, and continuing to build upon and maintain relationships with existing stations.
  • To be responsible for updating and implementing an Annual Development Plan for NaSTA.
  • To offer support and advice to new & existing stations on all aspects of broadcasting and production where requested.
  • To produce and update training material and online resources of relevance to members.
  • To act as a primary coordinator for the NaSTA Regional Development Officers.

Harry Fender - Marketing Officer

[email protected]

Originally from Staffordshire, Harry is an English Language student at the University of Sheffield and Head of Graphics at Forge TV. He has been involved with student TV since the very start of his first year, taking a particular interest in photography/videography and graphic design. Harry is keen to support all NaSTA stations and their members in taking part in NaSTA by helping to create an accessible and representative environment, as well as to ensure that NaSTA’s marketing and communications strategy represents a modern, forward-thinking, clear and comprehensive vision for its future.

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The individual responsibilities of the Marketing Officer are:

  • To be responsible for communications between NaSTA and other organisations.
  • To be ultimately responsible for the direction of the NaSTA Brand.
  • To source sponsorship and advertising revenue for NaSTA events and assist the host station source revenue for the NaSTA Conference and Awards Weekend.
  • To investigate new ways in which NaSTA and membership stations can raise revenue through advertising, sponsorship, and donations.
  • To advise the Association Chair regarding press releases and publications released by the association.

Josh Hodgson - Technical Officer

[email protected]

Josh started in student TV in 2013 with LA1:TV at Lancaster University. Serving on their Exec as Deputy Station Manager and Station Manager, Josh has worked on several technically challenging broadcasts! Josh is keen to help support both new and old station to push themselves technically and be able to work in more creative ways. Outside of NaSTA, Josh is a Trainee Broadcast Engineer and studies Broadcast Engineering at Birmingham City University.

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The individual responsibilities of the Technical Officer are:

  • To maintain NaSTA web presence and facilitate the Host Station with the means and training to update the website with conference news.
  • To implement solutions for national collaborative projects.
  • To facilitate and manage the provision of hosting services for the websites and such online resources as NaSTA undertakes to develop.
  • To maintain, update and develop the NaSTA website and associated online resources under guidance from the Development Officer.
  • To facilitate the technical development of the Association's affiliated member stations.