People’s Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Awards are NaSTA’s second annual awards and take place in summer term. These awards are voted on by NaSTA stations and are a great end to the NaSTA year. They are hosted by a different station each year. The 2017 host was StagTV in Surrey. There are 8 award categories:

1). Open – Entry format: 10 minute video
As the name suggests this is completely open, anything you want to submit you can! Be it a drama, a comedy, an informative video, or anything else, it’s yours to decide. So, have as much fun with it and submit whatever you think people should see, especially if it doesn’t fit into any of the other categories.


2). Live – Entry format: 10 minute video
Livestreams are one of the most fun but also most difficult forms of content to produce. Everything is happening right there, in front of you, and there is no time for thinking once something goes wrong! You have to be quick and critical so that no matter what difficulties you may encounter, you can overcome them and offer the best experience to your viewers regardless. This category is for those that can address the problems they face and produce exciting and engaging streams.

3). Content Innovation – Entry format: 10 minute video
In today’s world, it’s very hard to come up with something new. It seems like everything has been done, and done again, so bringing a fresh idea to the table seems like an impossible task! However, there are plenty of video makers that manage to create innovative content and this award is meant just for them.


4). Technical Innovation – Entry format: 750 word report with optional diagrams/pictures

Here we focus more on the actual production of the videos but it’s also about the technical innovations that power your station. Cables, websites, storage, and everything in between! This award is meant to praise the hard work that goes into making a video and the technical skills needed to back a team of video makers.

5). Visual Creativity & Quality – Entry format: 10 minute video
This category is all about the effects, angles, and overall look of the video. This award covers multiple areas such as cinematography, editing, animations and visual effects; it’s a chance for stations to earn some recognition for the skill and effort they put into making their videos look as good as they can.


6). Best On-Screen Talent – Entry format: 10 minute video
This category is meant to reward the hardworking presenters and actors that make ideas come to life. They are the face of the video, and they have to engage the viewers. This is not an easy job and being charismatic, funny and quick witted is not for everyone, so make sure you vote your favourites to let them know how much you enjoy seeing them on screen!

6). Un-Sung Hero – Entry format: 500 word report

Everyone sees the presenters and the actors, but what about all the people behind the scenes? What about the whole team of camera people, editors and technicians? Well they do just as much hard work, and they deserve to be appreciated and rewarded as well. This is the category for those people to give them their time in the limelight!


7). Station Of The Year – Entry format: 10 minute video & 500 word report

The last award will decide who the student television students like the most. The broadcaster that has had the best ideas and was the best at bringing them to life. Who will it be?