NaSTA Vision is back! In March 2017 LA1:TV will be hosting an inter-station live music broadcast to see which student TV station can find the best live music act. NaSTA Development Officer (and former LA1:TV Station Manager) Chris Osborn will be following the preparations at host station in this blog to show you some of the preparation that goes into such a large broadcast.

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NaSTA Vision Application

Preparations for NaSTA Vision are well under way at LA1:TV and in this blog we will look at the starting point for their hosting journey, their application to the NaSTA... Read more about 'NaSTA Vision Application'...

NaSTA Vision returns

NaSTA Vision was first held in 2013 and hosted by StaffsTV and SonarTV. The idea was to combine the already successful joint live broadcast format from FreshersTV with the excellent... Read more about 'NaSTA Vision returns'...