NaSTA Vision returns

NaSTA Vision returns

NaSTA Vision was first held in 2013 and hosted by StaffsTV and SonarTV. The idea was to combine the already successful joint live broadcast format from FreshersTV with the excellent music programming that many stations produce. The end product was a bit like the Eurovision Song Contest, with different stations voting for the winners. The main difference was that the individual performances were live streamed in by participating stations rather than all taking place in a single venue. The broadcast was a success but had significant problems, some technical and some production or logistics and it was decided not to host it again the following year. Earlier this year LA1:TV, who hosted FreshersTV 2013 and joint hosted the NaSTA 2015 conference, asked the NaSTA exec if they could revive NaSTA Vision. The exec already knew that LA1:TV have the technical capabilities to host NaSTA Vision, as they are well known among the NaSTA community for their live broadcasts and also for helping other stations out with live productions. Most recently they supported CUTV by sending crew and equipment to help them host FreshersTV 2016. They also produce live music broadcasts at Freshers Fair and other large campus events including the National University Brass Band Championship.

In this blog I will be following LA1:TV's progress as they prepare for NaSTA Vision 2017. I will be blogging about all aspects of the production, from initial planning, ideas, concepts and aims, to logistics, technical challenges and production. I'll be talking to the production team as they plan the production schedule, contact stations and confirm entrys, the technical team as the build the website, voting system and transmission schematic and the logistics team as they prepare the venue, communications and sync systems required for the broadcast. Hopefully this will give an insight into how one of the largest student TV broadcasts is planned and provide some tips for stations planning their own live broadcasts.

If you have any questions about how any aspect of the broadcast is being planned, or any problems are being overcome, please let me know and I will answer it in one of my blog posts.


Chris Osborn

NaSTA Development Officer 2016-17