NaSTA Advent Calendar 2016

Archive: 07/12/2016

It's 1st December which means only one thing, no I don't mean it's Christmas (there are still 24 days to go!), the NaSTA Advent Calendar is back! Each day we will be posting a link to one of our favorite videos from our NaSTA stations in 2016. There will be everything from music to sports, politics to light entertainment and comedy to news (although these last two categories seem to have got a mixed up in 2016...). We hope you enjoy this festive recap and we may even include some Christmas themed videos nearer Christmas. From all of us at NaSTA we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.


If you would like to suggest a video then please contact [email protected]

7th December - LSTV - NaSTA2016 LSTV Highlights

NaSTA Advent Calendar Logo v4

We're into April now with the NaSTA advent calendar and we start with our NaSTA 2016 hosts LSTV and their highlights of the conference weekend! [embed width="480" height="270" class="leftAlone" thumbnail=""][/embed] Read more about '7th December - LSTV - NaSTA2016 LSTV Highlights'...