Freshers TV 2015 Bidding is Open

Freshers TV 2015 Bidding is Open

Hello one and all,

As always we are starting the year off with Freshers TV and are looking for a station to follow in the amazing Demon TV’s footprints of last years amazing broadcast and host this amazing event!

The bidding stage is in two parts, first is a written bid sent to [email protected] then a Skype interview with the exec to ask any follow up question the written bid either raises, and to importantly answer nay more specific questions your station has about the broadcast.

Bidding is Open from July 10th and will close on August the 21st at midnight. 

The guidlines for what to include in your written bid can be found at the following link*:

And please feel free to ask any of the exec any questions about freshers TV.

Happy Bidding,