NaSTA.TV Reborn

NaSTA.TV Reborn

Welcome to the new and improved! Bringing all things student TV-related under one, now more stylish and easy to use, roof. This project has been a collaborative effort between the Marketing Officer, Mitchell Perry, and the genius that is Louis Clift, Technical officer. The old website had become outdated and we felt it was necessary to revamp it in time for the 2015/16 affiliation window.

The website is now a bespoke website rather than a wordpress skin, we hope this will give NaSTA a unique feel and give us a better online presence than in previous years. We hope you find this new site easy to use and more informative than its previous incarnation, but please bear in mind this is a brand new website and we are still working on it.

Over the next coming week this website will be changing, updating and being filled with more NaSTA related information that ever before. We are working on an archive project which means we won’t lose track of our history as well as preparing for the future; creating guides, tutorials, and more content than previous years to benefit all stations.

The first official chair of NaSTA, Gary Roger, signed off his first entry of with the words “NaSTA is for you and your station” and that is still true today. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us on [email protected] about anything; even suggestions for this website which we will welcome gladly.

Thank you for reading

-          The NaSTA Exec