Freshers TV is an annual broadcast brought to you by NaSTA and hosted by one chosen student TV Station. It’s one of the highlights of the Student TV calendar and looks back at the best time thousands of freshers go through at Universities up and down the UK.

It’s a chance to show the nation what Universities and student TV stations are all about during the freshers season. Each station has the opportunity to share their freshers coverage to the rest of the student television community and can even get involved live! All NaSTA affiliated stations are welcome and encouraged to get involved!

In 2017 Demon TV from De Montfort University in Leicester will be hosting the show, which will be live at 6pm on October 25th. Each student TV station is invited to contribute and can do so either live or via a pre-recorded segment. In the run up to Freshers 2017 Demon will be releasing teasers to get everyone excited for the big day.