About us

Student Television itself has been active in the UK since 1964, and the NaSTA awards date back to 1973. NaSTA exists to not only draw new and existing student television stations together from across the United Kingdom, but also to provide the platform upon which stations can ask each other for advice, overcome problems and nurture a like-minded community of students & student television stations from across the country.

NaSTA at its heart is a support network. We are a platform for students and stations all across the country to help each other out and give feedback, exchange ideas and strive to improve which is a good benefit for any new station. We operate a Station Manager forum in which affiliated stations interact about Students’ Union affairs and NaSTA business. We also have public technical, alumni, marketing and programming forums where stations can exchange and build on ideas and questions on more specific topics.

We represent student television to the world. We’ve given talks on student media, represented student media at NUS and have cultivated partnerships within the industry. Our alumni network is constantly growing and gives our members every opportunity possible to advance their stations, and advance into the media industry.

We hold regional conferences and workshops on a variety of topics; how to get into the industry and formulate a good CV, as well as more practical workshops focusing on the technical side of both the industry and student media. We are also currently working on several guides on how to make the most of student media that will be released next year.

Being a member of NaSTA also gives stations access to Janet, a streaming server on which affiliated stations can book time and use an external server to host their live events if they do not have access to their own equipment. We also have several NaSTA exclusive deals which we offer to our members which will be released throughout the year.

If you have any more specific questions about what we do we will be more than happy to answer them and we will gladly add you to our mailing lists so you can keep up to date with NaSTA too.