NaSTA Hall of Fame

The NaSTA Hall of Fame

The NaSTA Executive has been around in it’s current form since September 2009, when a trial executive was formed to expand the support offered by NaSTA to it’s member stations.

Before this point, the main focus of NaSTA had been the awards and conference weekend, for which a host station was elected, and a NaSTA coordinator was appointed – this role of “coordinator” is what we now see on today’s executive as the Host Officer.

It was decided in September 2009 to elect a trial executive, holding office until NaSTA 2010, to test the waters for this new system. The result was a resounding success, and we now have the current system we use today. This system allowed NaSTA to expand and develop beyond just the annual conference, into regional conferences, and around the year support for stations.

This is a list of all past executives and conference coordinators, which has been dubbed as the NaSTA Executive Hall of Fame.


  • 2019, – NSTV, Nottingham – Joe McGeehan
  • 2018 – Forge TV, Sheffield – Tom Mason
  • 2017 – Guild TV, Birmingham – Maddy Tysoe
  • 2016 – LSTV, Leeds – Jessica Todd
  • 2015 – PSTV and LA1:TV, Preston and Lancashire – Matt Murphy and Chris Osborn
  • 2014 – LSUTV, Loughborough – Matt Peat
  • 2013 – XTV, Exeter – Hugh Blackstaffe
  • 2012 – NUTS, Nottingham – Chris Leyland
  • 2011 – LSUTV, Loughborough – James Spokoini
  • 2010 – GUST, Glasgow – Carol Finch
  • 2009 – SUSUtv, Southampton – Nick Culley
  • 2008 – LUST, Leicester – Matt Capon and Phil Xavier

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