Exec Roles and Responsibilities

NaSTA Chair

Making everyone in NaSTA comfortable

To be the spokesperson for NaSTA, taking overall responsibility for all press and publications issued by NaSTA with the Communications Officer
To support the other members of the Executive Committee
To work with the Returning Officer in organising General Meetings
To organise and chair Executive Meetings.
To sit on the Trustee Board as an ex-officio member.
To work alongside the other Officers to secure the viable long term future of NaSTA.
To attend meetings with external organisations with the relevant officer to further the development of NaSTA and affiliated stations.

Industry Liaison Officer

Help forge links between NaSTA and the TV Industry

To be responsible for communications between NaSTA and other organisations pertaining to the media industry.
To work with the Marketing Officer to source sponsorship and advertising revenue for NaSTA events and assist the host station source revenue for the NaSTA Conference and Awards Weekend.
To investigate new ways in which NaSTA and membership stations can raise revenue through advertising, sponsorship, and donations.
To have oversight of NaSTA’s Patron system.
To work with STAN to ensure alumni remain engaged with NaSTA
To secure and promote training opportunities from external companies to affiliated stations.

Training Officer

Helping stations ensure everyone has the skills needed to get ahead in the TV industry.

To be responsible for updating and implementing an Annual Development Plan for NaSTA
To offer support and advice to new & existing stations to all aspects of broadcasting, production and training where requested.
To produce and update training material and online resources of relevance to members.
To act as a primary coordinator for the NaSTA Regional Development Officers.
To implement solutions for national collaborative projects with the Technical Officer.
To support affiliated stations with dealing with organisations, such as Students’ Unions.

Marketing Officer

Choice and value

To be ultimately responsible for the direction of the NaSTA Brand.
To create Marketing materials for NaSTA events, projects and elections.
To maintain marketing and style of the NaSTA website with the Technical Officer.
To support affiliated stations in marketing development.
To work with the Industry Liaison Officer to source sponsorship and advertising revenue for NaSTA events and assist the host station source revenue for the NaSTA conference and Awards Weekend.

Technical Officer

For some it’s Black Magic. To others it’s Blackmagic.

To maintain NaSTA web presence and facilitate the Host Station with the means and training to update the website with conference news.
To facilitate and manage the provision of hosting services for the websites and such online resources as NaSTA undertakes to develop.
To maintain, update and develop the NaSTA website and associated online resources under guidance from the Development Officer Skills.
To facilitate the technical development of the Association’s affiliated member stations.
To support and develop affiliated stations, Freshers’ TV and People’s Choice Awards with online hosting, broadcasting and web presence.

Communications Officer

Emails, Tweets, Snapchats… you get the picture?

To develop a strong two-way communication with members by welcoming and briefing new members, and continuing to build upon and maintain relationships with existing stations
To advise the Association Chair regarding press releases and publications released by the Association.
To work with the Returning Officer and Host Officer to ensure that member stations are aware of any elections or award submission deadlines.
To compile regular updates to affiliated stations.


Keeping everyone else on task!

To maintain an up to date list of all affiliated stations.
To compile an agenda for, and ensure that minutes are recorded, of all NaSTA meetings including General Meeting  and to distribute them to the Executive Committee and made available through the website.
To work with the Returning Officer to ensure that the constitution and policy document remains up to date.
To sit on the Trustee Board as an ex-officio member.