Partner with NaSTA

An organisation representing and supporting student television across UK for over 40 years.

Providing a space for members of Student TV to network, collaborate, promote alongside each other and industry professionals

Alongside the successful NaSTA Awards & Conference that get over 400 students and industry professionals from across the UK in host Universities, we provide a support network, representation and networking solutions.

Partnering with NaSTA will give your organisation the opportunity to communicate with thousands of students across the UK, leveraging our connections with their stations and connecting with members across the UK broadcast industry.

Your support will help provide Student TV station members with the chance to create exciting new content, using the latest technology and software. Furthermore, it gives us the opportunity to provide dedicated support and ensure the growth of student media. The NaSTA team would like to grow the student TV community across the UK, and funds will ensure regional events can occur regularly, and in areas not traditionally open to the television community.

NaSTA Partnerships

A partnership with NaSTA allows your company’s services to be extended to students we represent. We’ve organised workshops, shadowing schemes, mentorships, studio visits and extended media coverage, in return for social media coverage and a showcase of services to students in the past. The partnerships can vary between organisations, as we would like to tailor it for your team.

What we’ve done in the past

  • Media Coverage in publications or online to members or broadcast (as relevant to the partner itself) AND/OR
  • A workshop focused for students in a region, nationally, or a particular topic (i.e. Vision Mixing)

In return

  • Featured as a partner in Sponsors & Partners section of website with logo
  • Featured as partner in NaSTA Affiliation Guide with logo

What’s my spotlight?

We can feature your organisation or activity across our website in key areas. This includes having a row and collection of images, or just a select aspects of the page on our homepage. We can even utilise simple images or gifs within the posts.

We can provide partner spotlights across all aspects of NaSTA publications, depending on your type of partnership. These can include the following, or something bespoke:

  • our website
  • affiliates guides
  • conference handouts
  • specialised email newsletters

Featured Content

As well as featuring Blogs and News Posts in our News Section, we can create specialised posts in our Partners & Sponsors section of the website. Your events and special occasions could all be showcased in specialised blogs, linking into our social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

  • Sponsored Post on Website
  • Promoting Job Opportunities on Social Media
  • Time Censored Posts with posts close to NaSTA Conference and Awards with higher viewership
  • Link to Public Mailing List

Featured Events

We can also highlight key events in your organisation’s calendar, through our dedicated Events section on the website, and our social media outlets — if you are hoping to engage more students, and attract younger audiences to your event, this could be the perfect tool!

Take the next steps

If your organisation would like to gain a wider audience or connect with members of Student Television, don’t hesitate to contact the 2017 NaSTA Industry Liaison Officer at [email protected] for more information and how we can connect; or check out our sponsorship pack.