Lifetime Members: Patrons and Fellows

NaSTA receives a significant amount of support and dedication from key individuals within the NaSTA community and / or the industry. Lifetime memberships are a way in which NaSTA can recognise the level of commitment and support from these individuals. There are two forms of lifetime membership which can be awarded by NaSTA; a Patronage or a Fellowship.

A Patron is defined as a professional whom has worked with NaSTA and offered continued support, guidance, involvement and promoted positive links between NaSTA and the relevant industries. Patrons act as ambassadors and are put forward to the whole NaSTA membership after being approached to discuss the role and then appointed by the body at the AGM.

A Fellow of NaSTA is awarded by the NaSTA Executive Committee to an individual whom has provided significant support to NaSTA, Stations (NaSTA Members), NaSTA Exec and/or the NaSTA Community past and present. A Fellow can be nominated by any station / individual member of NaSTA / NaSTA Alumni / Current Exec / to the Exec for consideration. The final appointment of the Fellowship is awarded by the NaSTA Exec.

Nominations for the award of NaSTA Fellow should be submitted to the NaSTA Executive Committee during the period of 1st December through to 30th January. The Nominations for the appointment of NaSTA Patron should be submitted during the period of 1st February through to 31st March.

NaSTA Fellows
  • Matthew Capon (2015)
  • Gary Rodger (2016)
NaSTA Patrons
  • Tim Marshall
  • Ore Oduba
  • Shoshana Wilson
  • Jonathan Abrahams
  • Paul Ryan
  • Mars Elkins – El Brogy (2016)