6 months into the role as Chair

6 months into the role as Chair

It’s hard to believe how long I have been in this role, and my time is nearly up! This month has been one, in particular, where I found that the changes we are making and plans are finally coming to fruition.

Normally, Exec Teams wait till the AGM to show what they’ve been doing over the year. But I found that it is important to show you all what we’ve done 6 months into the role, to showcase that things are going ahead.

As you all may know, we lost two Executive Officers in the OGM. Chris (Development Officer) and myself had been conducting much of the duties of these roles beforehand and are now planning to pass these on in the by-elections in January.

Apart from that, here is a summary of the people and organisations who I have spoken to in the last few months, and am keen to develop communications

  • NUS
    • I attended various conferences and sessions in August with other officers informing sabbatical officers, staff members and student media members about NaSTA.
    • I have communicated with SPA and SRA about common goals, and ensuring something about NaSTA is mentioned in the NUS Student Media Guide, which is distributed to affiliated University Unions annually, and feeds as a training guide.
  • BT Sport
    • Paul Ryan (NaSTA Patron) is a Senior Member of Staff at BT Sport, and will be joining the annual Conference and Awards in April. As I have successfully organised with RED, I am keen to get students visiting the facilities, so they are more open about live sports broadcasting
  • BBC Breakfast
    • James Mobbs, BBC Breakfast Graphic Designer was a judge and guest at NaSTA 2016, and I have spoken about trying to get students to visit the set, ensuring our students in the North are open to external opportunities, without having to commute long journeys for London. BBC Breakfast is based in Manchester
  • ITV Good Morning Britain
    • Erron Gordon and John Webb, again, were at NaSTA 2016 as guests and judges. I was able to visit John at the ITV Studios earlier this year, and am hoping to get a visit organised early next year for students to shadow the programme, along with Lorraine and other shows that broadcast on ITV in the mornings
  • BBC Three
    • After a fluke email from myself, I have had several email and phone communications with members of BBC Three to try and get content developed from Student Stations on their channel/ online. This is still an ongoing conversation
  • Made Television
    • Again, thank you to NaSTA2016 for beginning a conversation and partnership with MADE. We are seeking to develop a partnership here over the year, including the National Conference and other NaSTA events in the calendar
  • RED
    • Previous Chair (Mia, 2015) was able to organise a Workshop to Pinewood Studios visited Red Digital Cameras, in June 2015. I created this workshop again for students in December 2016, and was able to get students to also visit a kit hire house on the studio lot too.
  • Evening Standard/ The Independent
    • Mars El Brogy, NaSTA Patron, is a Video Producer at both newspapers. Thanks to the OGM, we were able to finalise the sponsored award. Now, I will be pushing to try and ensure students can get experience, advice and support as a result of the award (similar to the Tim Marshall award)
  • JISC
    • As you may know, Tim Marshall’s final year with NaSTA is this year. So, we are looking to extend our partnership with Jisc further developing from using the livestreaming services, to more. I will continue to push for this to be confirmed as soon as possible.
  • Student Studios
    • Previous NaSTA Exec Officer Matt Capone and Shane Walker are seeking to build an international Student Media model. I have been providing advice and communication on NaSTA involvement over the last few months.

There have been communications with several other people, but the list above is what has developed the most.

In terms of Station contact, I have communicated with lots of stations online, but visited or seen individuals from the following stations in person:


Rhubarb TV
Smoke TV

West Midlands
Scratch TV
Guild TV

East Midlands
Demon TV

Stag TV

Apologies for not having visited any station members in the North or Wales. Do email me with any events etc you have, so that I can try my fully best to ensure that either myself or another Officer can try to attend!

In addition, I have also spoken with officers at STAN. This is the new Student Television Alumni Network, replacing what used to be known as PaSTA (past NaSTA). They are developing some cool things, but are currently going through a brand discussion, so progression is being made there!

Finally, I communicate regularly with our Host Station, and Host Officer, Maddy Tysoe in assisting as much as I can with their organisation of the NaSTA Awards and Conference 2017 at University of Birmingham. This has included emailing previous judges, new contacts or just being there to answer emails, messages and queries.

Affiliation period took a fair amount of time too in November, as I have had to chase several Universities and Unions. However, it is looking like we are increasing our Station Affiliates to 48 Student TV Stationsthis year in UK (last year we had 44). So I am extremely happy about this! There are several new stations joining, who were previously not affiliated, or recently existing.

The next few months will be busy ensuring we can prepare:

  • Regional Conventions
  • NaSTA Vision
  • NaSTA 2017 Conference and Awards
  • The By-Elections
  • The Elections including Host for 2018 NaSTA (!!!)
  • Preparing for the AGM
  • Launching STAN’s services to members
  • People’s Choice Awards
  • Executive and Regional Officer Handovers for next year’s Executive Team

I look forward to speaking to all of your stations very soon, and have fantastic holidays!

You can email me [email protected] and I will try to reply to emails within 48 hours of receiving them.