Development Officer Mid Term Update

Development Officer Mid Term Update

The end of 2016 marks the halfway point in my year as Development Officer. It seems like a good time to tell you all what I’ve been up to so far and what I’m intending to do during the rest of my time in office. It has been a difficult year so far with significant problems within the exec and facing NaSTA as an organisation. Those of you who attended the OGM will know the details of the problems we have faced, and if you are interested please read the minutes that are available on the NaSTA website. I would like to thank all of our executive and non-executive officers for their support during this time. I look forwards to working with the current officers and new officers after the by elections in January. Please do consider running for either Marketing Officer or Technical Officer if you are interested. I’ve found it a challenging but very rewarding experience so far.

One of the first things I did when I took office was to redraw the NaSTA regions map as the only version that existed was an out of date one from when the Regional Structure was first created. After creating it I worked with the Regional Officers to put it out to stations for consultation. I had been hoping to get the changes voted on at the Online General Meeting but after consulting with the Returning Officer we decided that due to the large number of motions it would be better to leave it until the AGM. There is no hurry on voting through the changes as they will not take effect until the next officer term starts in July anyway. We now have an up to date map of the proposed regions with all the existing student TV stations (whether or not they are affiliated to NaSTA) that can also be edited and will be a useful asset for NaSTA moving forwards.

I’ve been working with the Regional Officers on Pick of the Week and NaSTA Advent Calendar to showcase the best NaSTA content from across all of our regions. I’ve also attended the London Regional station manager meet up. I also visited Cardiff to help CUTV with FreshersTV.

I have also been talking to several companies and potential partners for NaSTA. One example is Blackmagic Design and Holdan. Blackmagic Design are interested in bringing their demonstration truck to the NaSTA 2017 conference and Holdan, their distributor, are also interested in bringing equipment for members to try and also provide advice on the best equipment for student TV stations. They have a long history of work with educational institutions and I’m excited about the opportunities and experience they can provide.

One aspect of NaSTA that can make forming relationships with companies, potential partners or sponsors more difficult is that NaSTA as an organisation does not legally exist. We are not a charity or company so we can’t formally build relationships outside of those which a host station (as part of a student union and therefore a charity) can make for their conference or broadcast. This also makes some of the more boring admin tasks which the exec have to deal with such as banking more difficult. I’m currently looking into this and will propose a motion at the AGM to make NaSTA a legal entity. Finding the most suitable model for NaSTA, researching it, presenting it and starting to implement it if it is passed at the AGM is one of my main aims for the rest of my term of office.

One of the main points of my manifesto was to create a five year development plan for NaSTA as an organisation. This plan is supposed to be updated annually by the development officer but this has not been done for several years. I have decided to put this on hold for now until after the AGM so we can create one that reflects the outcome of the motion to create NaSTA as a legal entity.

I am excited by the relationship which Avneet has been forming with Made local TV stations. Building bridges between student and local TV stations is one of my main priorities and I will be helping to further this relationship and also try to form relationships with other local TV stations across the UK.

Happy New Year everyone, good luck submitting your awards entries and I’ll see you all at the Conference.