Changes to the NaSTA Regional Structure

Changes to the NaSTA Regional Structure

Hi, I’m Chris, your NaSTA Development Officer 2016-17. For my first blog post I’m going to explain some of the changes to the NaSTA Regional Structure that I’ve been working on with the rest of the Exec and Regional Officers.

When I took over the role of Development Officer in the July one of the first things I wanted to do was to create an up to date map of the NaSTA Regions and the stations that were in them. The previous map was drawn up several years ago when the Regions were first created and was out of date with several stations missing and the Region boundaries were unclear. There were also several problems with the layout of the regions, mainly that some have many more stations than others and some are really difficult for all the stations in a region to travel to a Regional Convention. This meant that there needed to be some changes to the regional structure to make it better for stations and easier for Regional Officers to manage.

I pretty much started again from scratch and redrew the Regions onto a UK County map. Then I marked all of the affiliated and unaffiliated student TV stations in the UK on to the map. Drawing the regions on was done by county. Scotland remained completely unchanged as a region but most other regions have seen some changes in the current proposals. These proposals have been put out to member stations for consultation and we would like to hear any feedback that members of any station have.

The major changes proposed include:

  1. Remove North East region (most stations moved into North of England)
  2. Change Wales region to “West & Wales” (as there are only 2 stations in Wales)
  3. Split Southern region to make it easier to manage. 2 stations move to West & Wales, the rest will be split between South Coast and London & Home Counties
  4. Change East Midlands region to East of England There are also minor boundary changes to all regions except Scotland.

It would be great to hear from all stations to see what they think of the proposals. We are aiming to have the the changes confirmed before the end of September and Regional Officers are currently in the process of asking stations for their feedback so please let either your regional officer or myself know what you think.