Becoming a Charity: The New Constitution

Becoming a Charity: The New Constitution

During the 2017 AGM, hosted by Guild TV, a motion was passed that would impact everyone in the NaSTA community, present and future. This motion is, of course, making NaSTA a charity. Up until this point we have been a small group of current and ex-students that wanted to make a difference in the surprisingly large world of student media. Although NaSTA has been recognised by student television stations for many years and is currently acknowledged by several media companies, it has been an uphill struggle to get to this point and can still go unnoticed by many in the media industry.

To give an example, only last Summer I was part of the Cool Down team at the School Games in Loughborough. We were to work along side professionals yet when we mentioned NaSTA they didn’t realise that such organisation existed. To be a charity would make NaSTA a body that is recognised by the British Government and give its members a much larger voice in what is becoming a tougher industry every year.


The current constitution covers our conference and general official business but becoming a charity means that our constitution must cover almost every eventuality from multiple stations at one university to the unfortunate event of the break up of NaSTA. This is why the document that Haaris, Chris and myself are writing aims to be the document that we present to the Charity Commission. It will contain not just the rules but guidelines for elections, the powers of exec and the trustees and who can benefit from the charities actions. We aim to finish the current draft by the end of August, but expect this to no where near be the finished version.


The current draft is based off a skeleton constitution given to us by the Charity Commission which we intend to stick to as much as possible. After this draft is finished we will let the rest of the Executive and Regional Officers go through and feed back. The second draft will then be sent slightly wider to members of STAN and the NaSTA body before being officially released to be viewed by all the stations. An Online General Meeting will then be announced and members can propose amendments to the constitution which will be voted on by the stations. If the new constitution passes, this does not mean it will be enforced. Haaris, Chris and I will then go to the Charity Commission, and if successful will then be a registered charity.

This could be a long process that takes us beyond the conference next year so we ask that you are as patient as possible. If you have any queries at all, please ask! We are all friendly and hopefully we can become a charity soon and move NaSTA into the next stage of its evolution.