NaSTA & MADE Television Partnership

NaSTA & MADE Television Partnership

NaSTA and our partners at MADE Television are aiming to setup a way for student TV stations to submit content to the MADE network to be broadcast on their channels. There will be a range of benefits for both MADE and students in this partnership.

There will be no financial payments for either side in this partnership, but we hope it will help prepare students who wish to enter the TV industry a valuable way of learning and opportunities to build up their local networks to enable them to start their TV careers.

Benefits for MADE

  1. MADE gets access to content to show on its network.
  2. MADE gets access to content that may show different stories than their own video journalists can produce.

Benefits for student TV stations

  1. Stations can have their content shown on TV channels locally and across 8 regions of the UK.
  2. Stations can work with MADE staff to enhance their content production and receive guidance on producing locally focussed content.

Benefits for individual students:

  1. Students will be able to build up a portfolio of endorsements and content that has been broadcast by a UK TV station.
  2. Students will receive advice on how to improve their content
  3. Students may receive offers of work experience or freelance work based on the content they have submitted.
  4. Students will have the opportunity to work with professional video journalists and producers during their studies without having to undertake lengthy work experience placements to get similar levels of experience.