We’re a Charity!

We’re a Charity!

A Letter from the Chair


Hey there NaSTA! We have some really big news to announce today that we have all been waiting for.

We can finally announce that we are now, OFFICIALLY, a charity! That’s right, the charities commission has confirmed our charity status and we are, for the first time in our history, a legal entity.

Before becoming a charity, we were a bunch of people with similar interests. Now, recognised by the law, we can go forward to form partnerships with other organisations to support the growth and learning of all our affiliates. This allows us to continue to build on Student Television, enabling a larger impact on and further awareness of the hundreds of students that live and breathe TV.

We are now legally committed to supporting students in their operation of Student Television stations. This gives us ground to formally organise training and knowledge sharing experiences, for all our members as well as stations themselves.

Importantly, we have a legal requirement to be open and accountable, something I personally feel NaSTA has always been good at but now we are bound to always be this way. Our newly-formed Trustee Board is a separate entity in the organization which is responsible for maintaining this trust. The Trustee Board is ultimately responsible for the status and reputation of NaSTA in the long term and is formed by a group of people who are members, non-members, officers, or a part of the STAN (Student Television Alumni Network) Committee.

This has been a massive team effort and I would like to say a few thank yous to the people who made this possible: Ryan Andrews, Christopher Osborn and Haaris Qureshi who have done the vast majority of the legwork in the creation of our current constitution and have seen this through to completion. The continued support from Dan Orton and STAN as a whole. Jenni Herd, Seb Cheer and Natasha Siu who have taken up the mantle of member trustees for the coming year. Alex Smith for his input and continued support as our Secretary. The support and trust from the current and previous Exec Teams. And finally you, the stations that form this amazing organisation, without whom we as an organization would simply not exist.

Finally, and most importantly, please view this as a testament to what can be achieved when people come together with a common goal and a passion that forms a community welcoming all students who also share in this passion. Let’s make this a year of community and togetherness, making our inter-station connections stronger and more worthwhile. Let’s reach out to stations, ask questions, learn from each other, collaborate on projects and make the most of this next year in the amazing world that is Student TV.

Love you all NaSTA!

Benjamin Kay,

NaSTA Chair (2018-2019).