Farewell from Dom…

Farewell from Dom…

My desk has been cleared. My Japanese peace lilly has been watered for the last time. It’s finally time for me to leave the hallowed offices of NaSTA Towers.

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for NaSTA, from my very first taste at the GUST conference in 2010. And it’s been an absolute pleasure to be able to work for the association for the past twelve months, the biggest and most productive year we’ve had in 40 years.

Back in Autumn, we set the goal of reaching forty affiliated stations, and reached exactly that target – eight more than joined last year. NaSTA now reaches more students than ever before across the UK. And with so much interest in joining the student television community, NaSTA has sustained the continued development as an association that offers events and activity for members throughout the year.

FreshersTV has been developed over the past few terms, but this year has seen the successful introduction of NaSTAvision and the People’s Choice Awards to the calender. We’ve also had the very first regional conferences in London and Manchester – a hugely encouraging trend and one I am certain will build over the next few years into a vital part of every station’s annual itinerary. Add to this our magazine show ‘NaSTA on Tour’, the popular online forums and the introduction of a live streaming server for affiliates, and you start to build a picture of just how far NaSTA has evolved.

I am delighted that next year will see the introduction of formal, non-executive Regional Officers for the first time in NaSTA history. Creating this regional network was one of my main ambitions for the year, and I’m sure the new Exec will hit the ground running with this development plan next year.

None of this would have been possible without the people pouring countless voluntary hours into making it work. Leah, Ozzy, and their respective teams for the amazing work at the regional conferences. Of course, Hugh and the XTV crew for a spectacular and unforgettable conference. Moggy, for his contribution to the regional development designs. SUSUtv, Sonar TV, Smoke TV, Staffs TV, YSTV, and everyone that helped make our collaborative national broadcasts such a success. Jamie, for all the hard work he put in at the top of the year on the subtle rebrand, and work on our forums and social media – much respect. And the stations, old and new, who came to conference and took part in our events throughout the year. We hope you had fun doing so.

But in particular, my executive hombres. I doubt there’s many more passionate and knowledgable people in student television than Calum, and I’m delighted for him that he’s able to feed his addiction with another year on the Exec. The website is the best looking it has ever been thanks to his efforts, and his work with the streaming server have given every student in the country a chance to experience making live television. A completely brilliant bloke.

Finally, Lawrence has been an absolutely outstanding chair. I’d like to remember him as ‘the do-er’, due to his unrelenting talent for getting things done. His commitment was exemplified to me by his efforts at relocating the London conference hours before the event was scheduled to begin. On that night, he drove around London searching for a venue, and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure students could enjoy and experience the conference. But that was only one instance, and I know first-hand just how much time and effort he has put in to the role, with the majority of his work going unseen in public. Chair is by far the most difficult position on the exec, and he made the role his own. A quality team member.

So that’s it – my keys have been left in the Towers’ foyer, and I say goodbye to the world of student television. I believe I’ve helped develop the association in what has been a record-breaking year. Student television for many is an obsession, a passion, a way to make friends for life and have creative freedom in an exciting industry. It’s helped me find a job in sports broadcasting and has given me a nation wide network of pals. It’s been great!

I’m always around if you ever want to chat TV – if you want to keep in touch, drop me a line on [email protected].