Executive Marketing Officer – Nominations Now Open

Executive Marketing Officer – Nominations Now Open

We are pleased to announce that nominations for the position of Marketing Officer on the NaSTA Executive Committee 2013/14 are now open.

The individual responsibilities of the Marketing Officer are:

i. To be responsible for communications between NaSTA and other
ii. To be ultimately responsible for the direction of the NaSTA Brand.
iii. To source sponsorship and advertising revenue for NaSTA Events
(other than the annual Awards Conference).
iv. To assist the host station to source sponsorship and advertising
revenue for the NaSTA Awards Conference.
v. To investigate new ways in which NaSTA can raise revenue
through advertising, sponsorship, and donations.
vi. To assist the membership in sourcing sponsorship and marketing
vii. To compile an agenda for, and record minutes of, all NaSTA
meetings and to distribute them to the Executive Committee in hard
copy which must be signed and archived, and then made available
on the website.

We ask that applicants in a position of big responsibility within their station or any other society fully consider whether or not they would be able to dedicate an adequate amount of time to fulfilling the role to the best of their ability before submitting applications.

Candidates may nominate themselves by emailing [email protected] with the following information:

  • Name:
  • Station:
  • University year:
  • Phone number:
  • A brief explanation of who you are and your relevant experience (150 words max)

All candidates must submit a manifesto of at least one side of A4 detailing their ambitions for the remainder of the executive term, which ends on the 1stof July  2014. In order to be eligible, all candidates must have been part of an affiliated station within the last 13 months.

The nomination period will end on Monday 18th November at 9pm, following which the candidates will be announced and manifestos will be released. No campaigning may start until this has taken place.

Affiliated stations will be able to vote in this election at an EGM which will take place online on Wednesday the 27th of November. More details will be released prior to this date.