NaSTA 2014 Bids Reopen

NaSTA 2014 Bids Reopen

It is with regret that we, the NaSTA Executive, have made the decision to reopen bids for the hosting of NaSTA Conference and Awards 2014.

After extensive discussions between the NaSTA Executive, Staffs TV and Staffordshire Students’ Union we have come to an understanding that we will not be able host an affordable conference at this location, with accommodation for delegates being the biggest concern.

As we prepare for the 41st annual NaSTA Conference and Awards weekend we are dedicated to ensuring that the event matches the precedent set by previous years. This decision has been made to protect the legacy that has been built around this cherished staple of the student television calendar.

Therefore we are now accepting proposals from stations who would be interested in taking over the role as host station. As part of our commitment to you we will be on hand throughout the entire year to provide mentoring and support through the NaSTA Executive Officers, our new regional officers and relevant third parties.

If you would like more information please email [email protected]

We appreciate your understanding during this time – the NaSTA National Executive Committee guarantees that there WILL be a NaSTA 2014.