Re-opened bids for the 2014 NaSTA Conference and Awards

Re-opened bids for the 2014 NaSTA Conference and Awards

As was stated in July, the NaSTA Executive have re-opened bids for the annual NaSTA Conference and Awards weekend for 2014. Following a two week application and consultation period we are pleased to reveal that we have two candidates in the running for Host Station.

In the interest of fairness and accountability toward our affiliated stations the Executive have made the decision to open a vote with all affiliated stations. Usually an online vote of this nature would take place over a two week period but due to the amount of time needed to organise an event of this sizewe will only be operating the vote for a period of one week, with voting closing at 5PM on Thursday August 15th. Stations that do not vote will be considered to have abstained from voting.

If you are a Station Manager (or equivalent) please read the following very carefully.

The bidding stations are LSUTV and YSTV. Their bids can be found below.

LSUTV NaSTA Conference and Awards 2014 Bid

YSTV NaSTA Conference and Awards 2014 Bid

Once you have read the bids head to and cast your vote on which station you would prefer to host the NaSTA Conference and Awards 2014. If you have any technical issues accessing the system please contact Calum Brookes, NaSTA Technical Officer, at [email protected] for support.

We will be accepting votes until 5PM on Thursday August 15th from Station Managers only. If your Station Manager is absent and you are acting on behalf of your Station Manager please email Emma Bew, NaSTA Chair, at [email protected] to verify your vote. Please bear in mind that we will only accept the first vote made from each station. If your Station Manager makes a vote after you their vote will be null.

The password for the voting page is “conference2014″ – this is to deter spam responses on the form.

Thank you for taking the time to vote, and we hope you are looking forward to NaSTA Conference and Awards 2014 just as much as we are.