A quick word from the Returning Officer

A quick word from the Returning Officer

With so many stations coming into the association year upon year, it’s easy to take it for granted that everyone will immediately understand what the role of the NaSTA Exec is, what roles are available and what impact you can as a member of the NaSTA Executive committee.

The position available on the NaSTA Exec

  • NaSTA Chair
  • NaSTA Development Officer
  • NaSTA Marketing Officer
  • Technical Officer
  • NaSTA Host Station Officer

But what does each role actually do?

The NaSTA Chair is the lead facilitator of the NaSTA Executive Committee & works in conjunction with the other NaSTA Executive Officers to ensure that the association is delivering its purpose of representing student television stations across the United Kingdom.

The NaSTA Development Officer is the lead officer on all matters pertaining to the growth, support and development of the NaSTA membership on a local and national level.

The NaSTA Marketing Officer is the lead officer for NaSTA on all matters pertaining to the marketing & communication of the associations core activity, and ensuring that NaSTA communicates clearly and effectively with its members.

The NaSTA Technical Officer is the lead officer for NaSTA on all technical matters relating to the core activity and technical services provided by the association, as well as acting as the first point of contact in all technical queries by the membership
The NaSTA Host Station Officer is the lead officer for NaSTA who provides the Executive Committee with updates about the planning of conference & any requests for assistance in order to successfully stage the event.

Out of these 5 roles, only the Host Station Officer (Conference Coordinator) is not subject to a vote from the NaSTA membership as this position is appointed by the incoming Host Station for the coming year.

How are the NaSTA Executive Committee elected?

At every conference, an election is held to fill these remaining 4 positions. The process itself normally begins 3-4 weeks before conference. Every affiliated station to NaSTA is entitled to vote in these elections, with the electoral system being 1 station 1 vote across each position. After a period of campaigning in the run up to conference, voting opens over the conference weekend, with stations who are unable to vote being able to either proxy their vote to another station or registering their vote electronically.

The election result is then usually announced during the interval of the awards ceremony, with the conference closing having elected a new Executive committee for the coming year.

The NaSTA Exec then works alongside the NaSTA Exec-elect during a handover period, where ongoing projects, essential materials are passed over to the new team to pick up and carry on into the new summer before the start of the new academic year.

For further information about the roles and function of each NaSTA Executive Officer and how they work together as a team, the full Officer Portfolio taken from the 2012/2013 NaSTA constitutional review is below.

NaSTA Officer Portfolios – constitutional review

Remember nominations are still open to be a part of the 2013/2014 NaSTA Executive Committee.

Any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.