NaSTA Affiliation Tips 2016!

NaSTA Affiliation Tips 2016!

Perks of being with NaSTA

  • Allows your station to attend the 2017 NaSTA Conference
  • Allows your station to enter the 2017 NaSTA Awards
  • Entitles you to help and advice from our National Executive, Regional Officers and Alumni network
  • Allows you to attend all regional conventions throughout the country
  • Entitles you to benefit from all our partners including the 10% discount with Red Oak Roller and other companies
  • Use of NaSTA-JISC streaming srevers
  • Access to the biggest network of student television in the world

TOP Tips for Affiliation

  • Affiliation costs £60 for the year
  • Make sure your Students’ Union/ University/ funding provider are aware you are affiliating
  • The easiest way to pay is by PayPal, but NaSTA will also accept BACS and FPI
  • Any station willing to join must identify as a student television station or have a clearly visible student TV presence within a group
  • Pay your affiliation easily via the NaSTA website

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