The NaSTA Online General Meeting

The NaSTA Online General Meeting

On Tuesday the 13th December NaSTA will be hosting a General Meeting, and a lot of stations are unsure of the process that this entails. Hopefully this blog post will fix that.

A General Meeting can be called in two ways, a petition by 50% of affiliated stations or a vote by at least 50% of the executive, in this case a vote by the executive. This is due to some pieces of policy that the exec want discussed. As the GM has been proposed, stations should send someone, typically the Station Manager but it doesn’t have to be, to vote on their Stations behalf. Consultation with your station on their feelings on each motion should happen as NaSTA operates on a “one station one vote” basis and although there is not constitutional requirement to do this consultation, it is still recommended.

Any station can propose policy, the deadline of which is the 6th December. The policy structure is very similar to how SU’s and NUS do it, namely their are 3 parts: “NaSTA Believes”, “NaSTA Further Believes” and “NaSTA Resolves”. “NaSTA Believes” is where you put the facts of the motion you are putting forward, so you should be able to back it up with evidence. You can also add links to show where you have sourced this information. “NaSTA Further Believes” is for opinion, this is where you convey why people should vote for a motion, it also forms part of the opinion that NaSTA will adopt. “NaSTA Resolves” are the follow up actions NaSTA will take if the motion is passed. Every motion must be proposed and seconded by 2 people.

So for example, you could want NaSTA to change is branding. So a motion could be:
Motion: to change NaSTA branding
Proposer: Tommy Parker – Returning Officer
Seconder: Person McPerson – Madeup University TV
NaSTA Believes:

  1. The current branding colours of NaSTA is red.

NaSTA Further Believes:

  1. Red is boring.
  2. Purple is by far the more superior colour.

NaSTA Resolves:

  1. NaSTA will change its branding, logos and accompanying branded document to the colour purple.
  2. To mandate the Marketing Officer to do this piece of work.

And that is pretty much it. Motions can be about pretty much anything. Some examples of types of policies you can propose are:

  1. Changing the constitution
  2. Changing the awards ceremony
  3. Mandating an executive officer to do some work
  4. Change the opinion of NaSTA

Policy is a great way for stations to get involved with the direction of NaSTA, so if their is something you do not like, propose something!
Once motions have been compiled they will be send out to stations, then you will have an opportunity to propose an amendment. Amendments can do 3 things, ADD, DELETE or REPLACE.

So as with my example above:
Amendment: to change NaSTA Branding
Proposer: Avneet Chauhan – NaSTA Chair
Seconder: Another Mcperson – CampusTV
NaSTA Further Believes:

  1. Obviously Orange is the superior colour as it’s bright, and the old garish orange logo looked great.

NaSTA Resolves:

  1. NaSTA will change its branding, logos and accompanying branded document to the colour orange.

Anyone who is apart of the exec or affiliated station can propose amendments to any motion. As there is time allotted for amendments, amendments will not be accepted during the GM as it’s confusing as to what has changed especially when this is done online. You can still change policy during the GM, by parts or by a minor textual amendment. Parts is where you remove a whole section of the motion and is used if you like the motion overall but dislike one part (hence being called parts). For example, you could think that you love purple, but don’t think it should just be the marketing officer who does it, so you call parts on NaSTA Resolves 2. Parts has to “make sense” to remove, so only entire bullet points or paragraphs can be removed. A minor textual amendment is when you change a couple of words but don’t change the meaning or intention of the motion. These are either accepted or rejected by the proposer, their is no vote on minor textual amendments.

Now that we have gotten motions out of the way, the rest is pretty simple. Stations turn up virtually to a google hangout that will be linked to closer to the time and we will pass or not pass policy. Their are some procedural motions that I won’t get into now but will he explained at the GM.

Station involvement with the direction of NaSTA is vitally important. This is a perfect chance to influence NaSTA direction so please propose policy and turn up to the GM. Quoracy is 50% of affiliated stations, so please turn up or another GM is likely to be called until we reach quarantine, and ain’t nobody got time for THAT.

I would strongly encourage stations to propose policy, particularly policy that mandates and officer to do work. You could believe that NaSTA needs to do more training, you could pass policy to get the development officer to do it and come AGM you can hold them accountable to that policy. If you are doing this mandatory policy, please put in a time that the policy will lapse, typically 3 years, as the piece of work is likely to not needed to be policy until the end of time.

If you have any further questions, please email me on [email protected], I have a motion template you can use as well as a vast knowledge of NaSTA’s constitution and policy document and can help you write your motion if you needed it.
So I hope to see you all at the GM.

Tommy Parker

Returning Officer