Online General Meeting December 12th 2017

Online General Meeting December 12th 2017

The OGM will discuss Adopting a new Constitution and Governing Documents as well as elect the next NaSTA Marketing officer.

Important Notice

We are having an Online EGM to vote on additional Exec Roles and Adopting a new Constitution on 12th December at 7pm. Your Station will be able to vote on changes that will have a huge impact on the future of NaSTA.

The meeting will be on Discord. To confirm your attendance please email the Returning Officer at [email protected].

Adopting a new Constitution and Governing Documents

We having been working hard to create a set of Governing Documents and Constitution that we can be proud of. After the motion passed at the AGM last year, we have been preparing to apply for charity status and to become a charity. This means that if this motions passes the new constitution will come into effect but we will still need to go through the commission before becoming a charity. If the motion does not pass, it’s back to the drawing board.

Submitting Motions and Amendments

Any station may submit motions to be voted on at the OGM. They must be sent to the Returning Officer at [email protected] by 5th December.

Amendments will be accepted from the 6th December to the 12th and can amend any motion but must give clear precise alterations including word changes and clause references for the constitution.

Current Constitution

For more information about General Meetings or to see how NaSTA are currently governed, please refer to the current constitution.

Marketing Officer Election

During the OGM members will be allowed to vote on who they want to be the new NaSTA Marketing. If you are a member of an affiliated station and want to be part the NaSTA Executive Committee then all you need to do is email [email protected] with you name and affiliated station name by midnight on the 7th December.

The position is open from 13th December to 1st July 2017 and requires a passion for marketing and student television.