RESULTS: OGM December 2017

RESULTS: OGM December 2017

A few weeks back we informed you of our upcoming OGM, where you would get the opportunity to vote on NaSTA’s new constitution (which would help us apply for charity status) and elect two new members to the NaSTA Exec.

Well the results are now in…

We are happy to reveal that Motion 1 has been passed, which will see NaSTA adopt a new constitution in the quest for gaining charity status.

Also, we are pleased to announce that Raquel Bartra and Haaris Qureshi will be joining the NaSTA executive as our newly appointed Marketing Officer and Secretary respectively.

                         Haaris Qureshi

Raquel Bartra                                                                                    Haaris Qureshi

Haaris stood down from his position as Deputy Returning Officer to run for the role.

Full minutes of the meeting can be found here.

As always, if you have any questions about the OGM or NaSTA Democracy in general, drop an email to [email protected] and he’ll be happy to help!