NaSTA 2019 Bid – Demon TV

NaSTA 2019 Bid – Demon TV

Click here for the official Bid PDF and here for the official Host Officer Bid PDF.


DemonTV is extremely excited to submit our bid to host the 2019 National Student Television Association Conference. Based in the heart of Leicester, DemonTV is part of the three fold student media group Demon Media attached to De Montfort University and supported by the De Montfort Students’ union.

Our aspiration is to bring the highly esteemed NASTA Conference to Leicester for the first time in 2019; an opportunity we simply cannot pass up. This year has marked many incredible changes for Demon Media as we start the new year with an exciting new constitution with the Students Union and a brand new management structure. All of which propel us into taking on new challenges, such as the NaSTA Conference.

Our university and students union are very keen to get involved with this project and are excited to help make the conference the best yet.

There’s no doubt for us that, if given the opportunity, DemonTV would host the greatest NASTA Conference to date. Our plentiful supply of technical staff, equipment, facilities and members consolidate this view, highlighting how exciting and innovative the 2019 National Student Television Conference will be in the hands of DemonTV.


DemonTV’s prime position in the East Midlands affords a central location with a plentiful supply of transport links to many prominent cities within the UK. As such, Leicester has excellent links by rail, road and even by air, since East Midlands Airport is less than one hour from the university with a regular shuttle bus to the centre.

In addition to a range of excellent technical equipment and facilities, all of which will be available during the conference, DemonTV has a fully equipped proffessional television studio right in the heart of campus. Not only would this mean we’d be keen to welcome other stations into the studio for feedback on our setup and design, we’d love to learn and teach other NaSTA members where possible; sharing our knowledge and expertise during the conference.

Furthermore, DMU’s £136 million campus revamp boasts state of the art facilities; designed to facilitate conferences of this very nature. This, compiled with the urban central location of the uni, and the proximity of the various venues we would utilise on campus, make it ideal for a high quality event with the high numbers of attendees we expect in 2019. The campus is also friendly and easy to navigate, despite its wealth of facilities, which allows for all attendees’ needs to be met very easily.

Demon Media’s pre-existing organisational structure, can ensure the smooth and professional operations of the conference, from project management to practical application of our proposals. DemonTV does not work alone, as a section of Demon Media, we can expect as many volunteers as needed to assist in everything from the direction of delegates, to the maintenance of any and all technical equipment required during keynote speeches and breakout sessions as well as the awards ceremony in the evening.

Our on campus multi-purpose venue, cleverly titled ‘The Venue @ DMU’ is to house the awards ceremony during which a delicious meal provided by our in house catering team. A high quality meal package is confirmed for all delegates and drinks offers are available at the SU for the duration of the conference. If the promise of such plans aren’t enough, our fantastically central location within the city means that all delegates are never more than 10 minutes from all the conveniences of a big city; with shops, cafes and bars all awaiting them.


Situated in the East Midlands, Leicester affords an easy journey for all those who wish to attend the conference; limiting the financial restrictions that can befall many delegates. Indeed, with several prominent cities under an hour away, such as Nottingham and Loughborough, we would expect a fantastic turnout from our student television neighbours due to the sheer convenience our location provides.

Unlike other locations, Leicester has excellent links to all sections of the UK, with the M1 running along the city perimeter, and the M6 and links to the North only 20 minutes away via the easily accessible M69. For those who wish to drive these motorways promise an efficient journey, and NCP* Car Parks around the city promise reasonable parking which can be booked in advance.

Excellent rail routes running through Leicester connect London and Northern cities such as Manchester and Liverpool. In addition, proximity to cities such as Birmingham mean that links to the South West and Wales are only 50 minutes away from Leicester by train.

Furthermore, once in the city, bus and train terminals are all within a close proximity of one another, with only a 15 minute walk separating them. Both a series of taxi firms and Uber drivers operate throughout the city, providing quick and cheap transport from all areas.

Should air travel be necessary, delegates can rest assured that East Midlands Airport is less than an hour away by car and has superb public transport links into the city centre.

London & Birmingham – 1 hour train
Liverpool, Manchester & York – 2 hour drive Belfast – 1 hour + 50 minute bus
Newcastle, Cardiff & Exeter – 3 hour 20 minutes drive/train
Edinburgh – 5 hour train

NCP Car Parks available:
St Nicholas Circle; £43.20*
Welford Road; £48.60*


After a £136 million project to enhance De Montfort University’s Campus; the grounds and facilities are now a prime venue for hosting national conferences of the stature of the 2019 NaSTA Conference.

De Montfort University boasts a brand new Conference and entertainments facility, a brand new food court, a new university complex with state of the art lecture facilities alongside a renovated Students’ Union.

The [email protected], DMU’s new entertainments venue with £5 million worth of developments was completed in 2016 and it is here that the awards ceremony will take place, with capacity for more than 400 delegates. Located to the West of the Campus, The Venue’s primary function is to host events of this nature, and has been developed, in part, due to the success of the SRA conference in 2013 that DemonFM, our radio strand hosted. This venue comes with an AV technical team available on hand throughout day to ensure continuity of a seamless production.

The breakout sessions for the conference will be held either in De Montfort’s Hugh Aston building. This venue offers interactive multimedia lecture theatres for all breakout sessions with technical support on hand. Both buildings are only a 3 minute walk away from The [email protected] De Montfort Students’ Union, DMU’s Food Court and DemonTVs Studio are then only a few minutes walk away from the lecture halls.

During the conference, delegates can use DMU’s Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre for a small fee. The Leisure facility includes a gym, swimming pool, a climbing wall and sauna.

De Montfort University also has a dedicated department for loaning audio and visual equipment. They will be able to provide equipment for any of the speakers who require it during speeches, breakout sessions and evening entertainment. The university’s IT support centre will also be on hand to provide any assistance required.

If the NASTA chose DemonTTV, we could also make this conference the most accessible, interactive conference ever. We could ensure all of the sessions during the conference are filmed allowing delegates to relive sessions or view the ones they missed. This is not a necessity as part of our bid as we know some speakers might not want to be visually recorded, but this option is available for all those who would deem it beneficial.

The admin fee of £20pp has been designed to cover all hire charges related to the hiring and use of these state of the art facilities.

Campus Map
1. The [email protected] (Key Notes and Evening Entertainment)
2. De Montfort Students’ Union (Meeting Place and Night Venue)
3. DMU’s Food Court (Breakfast and Lunch Venue)
4. DemonTV’s Studio (For DemonFM takeover)
5. Hugh Aston Building Breakout Session venue
7. QEII Leisure Centre (Gym Facilities for delegates)


Through careful selection, two hotels within Leicester have been selected as the most appropriate for our delegates, split across Premier Inns and Travelodge with further rooms available at two other hotels.

All of our hotels have been made aware of the nature of the conference and have offered potential to increase their capacity, should the number of delegates be higher than the 300 we are estimating.

Booking arrangements differ only subtly between Travelodge and Premier Inn, with the former requiring a 10% non – refundable deposit upon booking confirmation, and Premier Inn requiring 50% of the total funds 45 days prior to the conference, around early February.

The rooms at all of our hotels offer facilities which will supplement those offered by the university. Each hotel offers en-suite bathrooms, free Wifi (for the first 30 minutes), comfortable twin or double beds with a bar and restaurant within the hotel. More importantly, all of our hotels are open 24 hours a day allowing people to come and go as they please, no matter what time they decide to end the festivities.

Hotel Premier Inn City Centre Premier Inn Fos- se Park Leicester Central (A40) Travelodge Central
Rooms Per Hotel 48 80 35 37
Cost for room over conference £115.00 £106.88 £118.00 £100.00
Cost per person £57.15 £53.44 £59.00 £50.00
Total Cost per Hotel £5,520.00 £8,550.00 £4,130.00 £3,700.00
Total cost £21,900 Total Cost Per Delegate £55.00
Premier Inn require a 50% deposit 45 days prior to arrival and the balance 28 days prior to arrival

Travelodge require a 10% non-refundable deposit on confirmation of your booking and the remaining balance 28 days prior to the first arrival date


De Montfort University’s The [email protected] will play host to dinner and award evening during the conference. The [email protected] is a state of the art conference facility which can not only host our 300+ delegates for dinner, but, as proven in our hosting of the 2017 SRA Conference, can also put on a terrific awards ceremony. This facility also offers a dedicated AV team with all the materials necessary to host a large scale technical event, such as the NASTA Awards.

The venue has previously played host to De Montfort University’s graduations, A Confucius Institute Chinese New Year Event, DMU’s Vice Chancellor Dinners and various De Montfort University award ceremonies and the evening events during SRA Con 2017.

After laughs and potentially tears, De Montfort Students’ Union will then continue the nights entertainment. De Montfort Students’ Union is recently undergone a £3 million revamp, reopening September 2017. So our facilities are brand new and ready to house all those media students we know absolutely love a party.

For our Friday night entertainment we have an amazing Hog roast / BBQ as well as many options to cater for all dietry needs. Our student union bar will also be providing drinks into the evening. This will be a relaxing evening preparing people for a full and exciting day to follow. Our members will also be avaliable to direct people on to other local bars and venues if it should be required.

Our catering team Chartwells will be providing our catering for the conference. Chartwells are a leading provider of catering for various large businesses and universities across the country. Breakfast and lunch will be served in De Montfort University’s Food Village with dinner being served in The [email protected] Chartwells are experienced at providing meal options for all manner of special dietary requirements. We strongly believe that Chartwells can provide the best choice for delegates both in terms of quality and value.

Price per Person

Price for 320 Delegates

Day 1




Day 2







Day 3








Our technical plans are one of our top priorities for this confference. All of DMU lecture thetres come with state of the art facillites. These facalities mean that we can record any of the talks, allowing us to hear the talks as well as recording the projector view. Also if we have a a high demand for a talk our Hugh Aston building has the facilities to stream a camera from a lecute hall to another lecture hall.

The Venue @ DMU is fully suited for a large scale event. The Venue itself comes with a dedicated tech team who are willing to make this event as high quality as possible. As a purpose built space we have the lighting and sound facilities to make sure the awards ceremony is as dynamic and unique as we can.

DemonTV has put on many large scale live streams over the last year including FreshersTV 2017, the De Montfort srtudent union election results as well as our 24 hour charity event that raisied over £1,300.

We have more than adequate supplies to be able to proved a livestream for the awads evening. DemonTV owns a industry standard vision mixer as well powerful stream PC’s. DemonTV also has an agreement with the university audio visual loans deparment. This allows us too have access to canon xf305 broadcast cameras as well as many other items which will be usefull over the event. DemonTV also have experience of multicast steaming meaning that we can stream to more than one location if required. DemonTV are also one of the only organisations to professionlly live stream from the venue. With us recently live streaming the National Youth Jazz Orchetra as well as the DSU Faculty championships that saw the university facultys fight it of to win.

We are also proud to say that our members are more than willing to be part of the crew for this event. You can rest assured that with the broadcast training we have provided, we’ll be able to pull off an amazing and professional live stream of the awards event.


If DemonTV were to host the 2019 National Student Television Association Conference, we propose that it would be hosted on either the 5th-7th, 12-14th or 26th-28th of April 2019.

The second week of the Easter break for De Montfort University and after checking with other institutions, this date doesn’t clash with other universitiy’s holiday’s. The dates would also allow for the Station Committee and NaSTA Executive to have a week before the event for preparations.

We’ve tried to ensure our budget is as comprehensive as possible, taking into account the smallest costs with as much importance as the key costs. We are also hoping to find sponsors for the event so the prices may vary depending on this.

Looking at Forge TV success we would look at allowing delegates to book their own accomdation through links provided. This would give the delegates the decision and flexabiliity of where they wold like to book. It also means the delegates are reponsable for paying any hotel deposits and the remaining costs.

The total cost would be £85 + £80 (accomdation) per delegate


Cost per Delegate

Total Cost (320 ppl)

Accommodation (Booked separately)









Other (Venue Hire, Equipment Hire, Admin, and Delegate Packs,



Total Costs



All prices are inclusive of VAT


Mike Mayes, Media and Communications Officer. De Montfort Students’ Union

I can say with confidence that I believe that De Montfort University should be the host of the NaSTA conference in 2019.

Demon Media has a proud history of supporting and championing student media and the University and Students’ Union work alongside our media engaged and savvy students to ensure the best opportunities and student media experience available.

Leicester is one of the most central and best connected cities in the country with easy access by road (M1), rail and even air (East Midlands Airport). The city has transformed in recent years following the discovery of a king in a car park and, even more shockingly, a premiere league win.

In addition to a diverse and vibrant city, De Montfort University has spent over £136 million pounds in recent years entirely transforming the campus and facilities from a newly refurbished conference facility in [email protected], the award winning Vijay Patel building and a £3 million transformation of the Students’ Union building. De Montfort’s campus embodies a 21st Century University and would make a perfect location to host a conference.

Finally, last year DMU proudly hosted the SRA Conference further strengthening its’ connection to national student media. This event meant we played host to over 350 delegates from student radio stations across the country and held talks from key industry personnel such as James O’Brien, Mistajam, Steve Lamacq and more. Hosting this event so recently is yet more proof of DMU’s commitment to student media & our ability to deliver on these events.


Tom Evers is Demon Media’s Events Coordinator. He has a pure passion for Student Media and has been a part of NaSTA for 2 years now. He is an organized person, has good connections within De Montfort Student Union and De Montfort University and is friendly and easy to talk to.

Tom comes from a family of massive event coordinators and has the knowledge of what makes the event great. He knows the great passion everyone in Student Television has, and many ideas of how the conference can be used to reward and further this passion. He has a plethora of previous management experience both at work before university and as a manager in student media, as well as experience of working and directing a team, proven by the success of many of Demon Media’s events, which he solely directed. As Demon media technician this year, he has gained vast experience in leading and managing a team. Ever since joining Demon Media, Tom has worked hard to really push this media group to strive.

Tom has dedicated a huge part of his last 2 years to Student Media, acting as a technical manager to an event coordinator. since his first year and has persistently strived to improve output of content and experience for members. Tis is the spirit of NaSTA itself and the dedication he’s demonstrated would lend itself to the organization of NaSTA 2019 and ensure that our host officer next year would give their utmost to the arrangement and execution of our beloved conference, and make DemonTV’s NaSTA conference the best yet.


Ultimately, DemonTV has a passion for student media and the chance to be involved in the Nasta Conference next year is an opportunity we would value immensely. The ticket prices we have concluded at, as of bid submission, are £85 however this price is subsequent to change as the event gets closer and prices become more accurate.

The chosen dates are the 5th-7th April 2019, due to venue availability and term dates.

The technology and facilities we have available are going to allow us to produce a truly impressive ceremony that we can livestream, at a high quality, to those unable to attend. We also intend on recording sessions to produce a video or series of videos for attendees to look back on, those unable to attend to get the chance to see what happened at the conference and will allow us to show future hosts, judges and speakers what Nasta Con is all about.

We are situated greatly within the UK and due to our highly convienient travel links and we hope that this will allow as many members, from as many great stations all over the country, to attend this conference and get as much from it as more central stations.

Having experienced the Nasta Conference before we have many ideas as to how we can make this one the best. For example, in terms of judging and talk hosts we intend on reaching out to our alumni as well as reaching out to other stations to utilise their alumni and contacts as well as we are all wanting this to be the best conference we have attended.

We believe we have the passion and facitlities to make this conference one of the most impressive and memorable for NASTA members. Our members are committed to making sure every person enjoys themselves and that this conference is accessible for everyone. Which is why we believe we should be next years NASTA Conference hosts.


Vice President Media and Communications: Mike Mayes [email protected] Office: 0116 366 4854
Head of Events: Thomas Evers [email protected]
TV Station Manger: Ashton Matthews [email protected]

De Montfort University The Gateway Leicester LE1 9BH