2018 Online General Meeting Minutes

2018 Online General Meeting Minutes

Attending voting members: Demon TV (Ashton), LSTV (Becky Kusznir, Callum Isaac), GUST (Stuart Ritchie), Forge TV (Dan Cross), CUTV (Elizabeth Mills), NSTV (Joseph McGeeman), LSUTV (Craig Searle, Tim McGovern),  Stag TV (George Green), NUTV (Ava Forbes), YSTV (Edwin), Emma Murphy (CUTV), Victoria Studios (Holly Potter), UBTV (Lucy Jo Clumpas), GuildTV (Sam Sharrocks) = 13


Non-attending voting members: RhubarbTV (Josh Barket), RU:ON TV (Nia Stokes) = 2


Proxy voting memebrs: AirTV (Fiona Burton), LA1TV (Charlotte John) = 2


Total = 17

1. Introduction from Chair and Notices to Meeting

  • Chris Osborn (Chair) introduces the meeting, explained that the AGM hadn’t met quorum and as such this meeting will ratify the elections, vote on motions, and hold the remaining elections.
  • Chris Osborn (Chair) also commended the host station candidates for their campaign work on the NaSTA Forum.

2. Update on Made TV partnership and Charity Status

  • Chris Osborn (Chair) reported to the meeting on the efforts to build a partnership with Made TV. Chris Osborn (Chair) explained Made TV’s new content method, which gives NaSTA the opportunity to produce content stations have produced to be broadcast on the station. The content won’t be paid for, but allows producers to get content they’ve produced on a terrerstial channel and get feedback.
  • Chris Osborn (Chair) explained that he has written a document he will share with NaSTA members explaining the partnership.
  • Chris Osborn (Chair) would like feedback from stations on the partnership, either now or through messages.
  • Chris Osborn (Chair) explains we haven’t heard anything back yet on the charity application. The Charity Commission has posted a public notice explaining that they have a backlog of applications to go through. Chris Osborn (Chair) is hoping to hear back before the end of June.

3. Ratification of minutes from previous Meeting

4. Constitutional Motions

Motion 1:

  • Stuart Ritchie (GUST) proposes the motion: The motion is here to concrete the appeal process, ensure that it is standified and set in stone. We’ve set it out step for step. Key points are that all entries are given to the judges first, and then if anything fails the appeal, those will be withdrawn or sanctioned, but not until after the judging are the complete.
    • Dan Cross (Forge TV) introduces amendment 1: We felt points 4 and 5 of the motion counter-acted each other.
    • Dan Cross (Forge TV) introduced amendment 2: This amendment clarifies whose responsibility is what
  • Questions and points on amendment:
    • Ritchie (GUST) are happy with amendment 2, and to fix the contradictions with 4 and 5, but not to waiting to send the submissions.
    • GUST and Forge procedurally submitted amendments to amendment 1 and this was accepted as friendly.
  • The amendments were accepted as friendly by GUST
  • Voting carried out to be announced later.

Motion 2:

  • Callum Isaac (LSTV) proposes the motion: Explains that alumni may be bias towards their station when appointed as judges, in addition this ensures alumni judges have more industry experience behind them.
  • With no questions, voting was carried out.

5. Confirmation of Election Results

  • Ryan Andrews (Returning Officer) confirmed the results from the AGM
    • Chair: 13 votes for Benjamin Kay, 5 votes for Haaris Qureshi, 0 votes for RON = Benjamin Kay elected
    • Communications Officer: 13 votes for Stuart Ritchie, 5 votes for Jake Pratt, 0 votes for RON = Stuart Ritchie elected
    • Training Officer: 18 votes for Callum Isaac, 0 votes for RON = Callum Isaac elected
    • Technical Officer: 18 votes for Tom Mannall, 0 votes for RON = Tom Mannall elected
    • Secretary: 18 votes for Alex Smith, 0 votes for RON = Alex Smith elected
    • People’s Choice Awards Host Station: 18 votes for NUTV, 0 votes for RON = NUTV elected

6. Awards & Conference Host Station 2019 elections

  • Tom Evers (DemonTV) gives his speech on behalf of DemonTV’s Conference bid
    • DemonTV is passionate about student media
    • All stations and alumni to be involved
    • DMU has world class facilities to share
    • Never hosted before so brand new venue
  • Joe McGeehan (NSTV)
    • Nottingham Uni is a stunning location for conference
    • The old ITV head studios is now owned by the university and is a perfect venue for Awards
    • Ticket price will be £86 or less
    • NSTV is currently celebrating its tenth anniversary
  • Questions and points
    • Ben Kay (incoming Chair): I just want to say, I have been amazed by the campaigns from both NSTV and DemonTV, whomever wins i’m certain you’ll do an amazing job!
  • Voting commences

7. Returning officer elections

  • Haaris Qureshi (Secretary) speaks:
    • Experience as deputy returning officer & secretary
    • Experience on other committees
    • Has written part of charity application

8. Executive Elections

  • Industry Liaison Officer
    • Lucy Clumpas (UBTV)
      • Wants to bring the things her station has learnt into NaSTA, with workshops and speakers, and bring that to stations up and down the country
      • Wants to make students aware of opportunities available to them
    • Questions
      • Craig Searle: Why was there no manifesto uploaded?
        • Lucy: The manifesto is online, and was in the previous email sent out, but not the first
      • Dan Cross: What will you do to improve industry opportunities in the North?
        • Lucy: I am currently based on Durham and will be moving to Glasgow next year, and wants to focus on all stations having local industry links.
        • Stuart Ritchie (GUST) hollas for Glasgow
    • Voting commenced
  • Marketing Officer
    • Sally Patterson (UBTV)
      • Student television can be a brilliant opportunity, but needs to diversify, and through marketing this can be made possible
      • I have the skills to do this
      • Works to market stations across the country to their students
    • Questions
      • Ashton (DemonTV): Different ways of communicating with students
        • Sally: Reaching out to different societies, different Union groups (BME, LGBT), sports clubs, hobby societies, not just film and journalist students.
      • Craig Searle (LSUTV): Your manifesto mentioned updating the NaSTA website, how would you do that?
        • Sally: Firstly would be working alongside the Communications Officer and the Exec. It’s currently quite difficult to navigate, especially during conference and awards, so will bring in clarity.
        • Ben Kay: Good point, Sally, it’s a nightmare to navigate sometimes.
    • Voting commenced

9. Trustees election

N.B. Ryan suffered a connection problem to Discord, so Chris took over chairing the GM for the duration of agenda point 9.

  • Jenni Herd (GUST)
    • Produced the GUST/LUST collaboration, so has worked on projects across stations
    • Mother has done charity work so is aware of some of the work needed
  • Natasha Siu (LSTV)
    • Really cares about doing the best for stations
    • Spent last year running a society, dealing with the admin but also inclusivity
  • Seb Cheer (LSTV)
    • Student TV experience has defined student life, would love to be student trustee
    • Would like to use the opportunity of the move into a charity to redefine NaSTA, form its mission statement
    • As a First Year, has a perspective of a young person and new students.
  • Questions
    • Ben Kay: Question: Trusteeship has a strategic element in the long term running of the organisation, how does the organisation look in 10 years to you?
      • Seb: More inclusivity should be central, and that the experience of students (Especially younger students) is at the heart of NaSTA
      • Natasha: I’d like to see NaSTA as a place for opportunities, not just as an Awards ceremony, but an active part of student TV life and to embrace their passion
      • Jenni: NaSTA is such an incredible organisation, would like to see NaSTA in ten years sharing skills, sharing ideas, make connections and grow
    • Edwin (YSTV): How will ensure that other stations are looked out for, as everyone running is part of LSTV or GUST, who have worked together before?
      • Natasha: With the trustee role, the duties will be to look after everyone, not just your own station. Will go into the role looking out for everyone.
      • Jenni: Even though LSTV and GUST are close, the way forward is making more collaborations, and so the previous connection wouldn’t cause bias
      • Seb: Collaborations between stations should be encouraged, and that we’d be conscious to make sure we weren’t favouring the LSTV and GUST relationship.
  • Voting commences

10. Any other business

    • Ryan Andrews (Returning Officer) announces the results
      • There were a total of 17 voting places
      • Motion 1: 12 votes for, 0 against, 5 abstentions = Motion passes
      • Motion 2: 12 votes for, 0 against, 5 abstentions = Motion passes
      • Host Station: 8 votes for NSTV, 6 votes for Demon TV, 3 abstentions = NSTV elected
      • Returning Officer: 13 votes for Haaris Qureshi, 0 against, 4 abstentions = Haaris Qureshi elected
      • Industry Liaison Officer: 13 votes for Lucy Clumpas, 0 votes against, 4 abstentions = Lucy Clumpas elected
      • Marketing Officer: 3 votes for Sally Patterson, 0 votes against, 4 abstentions = Sally Patterson elected
      • Trustee positions
        • First round: 11 votes for Jenni Herd, 1 vote for Natasha Siu, 0 votes for Seb Cheer, 0 votes for RON = Jenni Herd elected
        • Second round: 0 votes for Jenni Herd, 8 votes for Natasha Siu, 3 votes for Seb Cheer, 1 vote for RON= Natasha Siu elected
        • Third round: 1 votes for Jenni Herd, 3 votes for Natasha Siu, 8 votes for Seb Cheer, 0 votes for RON = Seb Cheer elected
  • Chris Osborn thanks all attendees for taking the time to participate and for all the work this year, and to all the NaSTA officers for their time this year. Updates will be posted about the charity application and Made TV work, and bids farewell from himself and on behalf of the current exec.
  • Chris finally thanks Ryan for chairing the meeting.