NaSTA Executive Handover 2018

NaSTA Executive Handover 2018

Today marks the beginning of the new year for NaSTA and the handover from the 2017/18 exec team to the new one. This last year has seen a number of challenges and successes for NaSTA. As an organisation we now have a new constitution and governing documents to make NaSTA more transparent and accessible to member stations. We have an enhanced appeals process to make entering the NaSTA Awards fairer. We have also applied to become a charity which will increase our profile and make it easier for us to work with partner groups in the television industry and higher education sector. Unfortunately our charity application has not been processed yet, but we hope that the process will be completed by the time the new academic year starts. A successful conference and awards weekend was hosted by ForgeTV in Sheffield and DemonTV did a great job at hosting FreshersTV.

The outgoing and incoming executive officers met yesterday for the handover. Outgoing Chair, Chris Osborn said:

“I would like to thank all of the stations who took part in these events, all of the volunteers who worked so hard to make them happen, and all of the NaSTA Officers who kept the organisation running this year. It has been my pleasure to serve as NaSTA’s Executive Chair for the last year, and in the pervious officer & host positions that I have undertaken over the last few years. Working with this year’s exec team & non-executive officers has been a pleasure and they have dedicated themselves to their roles. After a productive and enjoyable handover yesterday, I look forwards to seeing where the new Chair, Ben Kay, and his team take NaSTA over the coming year, as I step back from the running of the organisation and take up a role as a Charity Trustee.”

Incoming Chair, Benjamin Kay, added:

“The new exec would like to thank the previous exec team and non-exec officers for all their hard work and dedication. The forcus for the next year is going to be creating a sense of community and accessibility, and embedding this into the foundation of the charity itself. We will endeavour to continue what we do best and strive to improve and progress this great organisation through the next 12 months, any comments or suggestion are welcome on what you would like to see from NaSTA, please email me at [email protected]

Chris Osborn

NaSTA Chair 2017/18