Nominate a new NaSTA Fellow

Nominate a new NaSTA Fellow

First up, apologies for the barrage of information recently but here is something really important that you might not know even existed.

Have you heard about the NaSTA Fellowship?

Starting in 2015, it’s a special award for those members of NaSTA, past or present, who have really devoted themselves to student television – going above and beyond!


All The Details

“A Fellow of NaSTA is awarded by the Student Television Alumni Network trustees to an individual who has provided significant support to NaSTA, stations (NaSTA Members), NaSTA Exec and/or the NaSTA community past and present. A Fellow can be nominated by any station / individual member of NaSTA / NaSTA Alumni / Current Exec, to the trustees for consideration.”

We believe you and your committees are better placed than most to suggest who might be deserving of this honour. You are the ones who see your members commitment and enthusiasm every day, you are the ones who arrange for alumni to visit, who organise the logistics of a workshop or production company visit.

Perhaps there is long time member of your television station without whom the society would not be the same, a committee member who keeps the place from falling apart, perhaps there is an alumnus who goes out of their way to support you long after they graduate?


Nominate Now!

If you’d like to nominate someone please send their name and the reason they deserve this honour to [email protected]

We’ll be taking nominations all year round, though any sent after 1 March will not be considered for the 2018 Fellowship.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]