NaSTA OGM Minutes – 06/6/19

NaSTA OGM Minutes – 06/6/19

Chair: Haaris Qureshi (HQ – Returning Officer)

Minutes: Emma Bew (STAN Chair) & Tom Lee (TL – NaSTA Technical Officer)

Present: Edwin Barnes (EB – NaSTA Chair), Emma Jacobs (EJ – NaSTA Liason Officer), Rebecca Brown (RB – NaSTA Communications Officer)

Stations: Ashton Matthews (AM – Demon TV), David Oloko (DO – LSTV), Zak Dawson (ZD- StagTV), Stephanie Shires (YSTV), Samantha Couper (SC – GUST), Ben Jackson (BJ – QuaysTV), Ximena Burns-Hurst (Forge TV)

1. Introduction from Chair and Notices to Meeting
HQ- Quorum not met, which is disappointing, as no apologies or proxy votes were received either, but thank you to the stations who did attend. The purpose of the OGM was to resolve outstanding issues from the previous GM, but as we are unable to do that we will focus on the other parts. After consulting with the exec and trustees, we will decide how to proceed.
HQ opened the floor to notices.
EB – Introduce themselves as the new NaSTA Exec, new NaSTA Chair after graduating from York and YSTV. Improve communication between stations, make it more of a community. Push Regional Development Officers, Elections around late October/Early November. Providing materials to encourage people to run for the roles. Start NaSTA Wiki of how to do certain technical things. Lots of other exciting ideas. Also wants to help station in need, and dealing with threats from Student Unions. NaSTA can help and has some leverage as a Charity. Get in touch by e-mail (and other methods)
TL – Technical Officer, also come from York with Edwin, Tech Director. Make NaSTA a resource for stations, contribute shortcuts in premier, or your way of running a live show or longer form production and another thing is to visit as many stations as possible. 
RB – Communications Officer, graduating from Dundee and Tay Productions, work more on keeping you all in the loop and visiting stations. Help you all collaborate more and work out a strategy, and hold more gatherings outside awards weekend.
EJ – Industry Liaison Officer, set up a FB group, invite people from Stations and Alumni. Chatting with Emma who is new STAN Chair about how to Collaborate in the future and potential collaborations around Brexit and Elections.
HQ thanks the exec for their introduction and looks forward to hearing back from them. 
No further notices. 
2. Ratification of minutes from previous Meeting
HQ – Unable to ratify minutes as do not have quorum. However to note from the previous AGM, we concluded our RO election, with Matthew Hudson being elected and will take on office from the 8th July onwards, chairing meetings, organising decision making process and overseeing rule breaks, look forward to handing over to him. Congratulations to Matthew.
RO votes
10 – Matthew Hudson
7 – Haaris Qureshi
HQ – Two stations left during the AGM before the votes on the last two motions. The plan would have been to hold a vote, which would have validated the decision made or undone it (so either agreed to pass motion 304 and fail 305 with no further discussion – or to disagree with the vote and require it to come back for debate at a future GM). This will now be conducted via a different method. 
3./4./5. Motions
No motions were proposed
6./7./8. Elections
The elections will also take place in the same fashion. The elections will not be re-opened to further nominations, therefore the candidates will be as follows:
Secretary: Sam Hance, RON
People’s Choice Awards: Forge TV & YSTV, RON
Student Trustee: Stephanie Shires
As the elections will take place using manifestos, the candidates declined to hold a hustings. 
9. Any other business
EB: Conference host station, no candidates. If any stations were considering running but decided not to, get in touch with [email protected] so discuss what discouraged stations from running.What would make it more attractive for stations to go for it?

AM (Demon TV): Do we know when we are getting Feedback?
EB: NSTV have been sending feedback to Stations’ Facebook Pages over the course of a week through a series of messages. Edwin to chase up Joe McGeehan (NSTV Host Officer)/NSTV.
AM: Missing a bunch of responses.
ZD (StagTV): Missing a lot.
SC (GUST): Missing a few
BJ (QuaysTV): Not had anything
DO (LSTV): Also missing a fewH
Q: Some stations wanted to get some idea of rankings. Some stations didn’t want a full table ranking to be released, but simply wanted to know privately where they came relatively. 
AM: Agrees ^
EB: Will also chase that up.