PCA 2018 – Un-Sung Hero

PCA 2018 – Un-Sung Hero


Haaris Qureshi

NUTV Written Submission


Stuart Ritchie

GUST Written Submission

Leeds Student Television

Niamh Carr

LSTV Written Submission


Eimontas Jankauskis (Monty)

UniTV Written Submission


Charlie Burt

DemonTV Written Submission

Tay Productions

David White

Tay Productions Written Submission

Forge TV

Dan Cross

ForgeTV Written Submission

This Afternoon

Peter Carter

This Afternoon Written Submission


Danny Rickard

SUSUtv Written Submission



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Go here to vote for your entries! Please note that only one form may be submitted per station (ideally by your station manager), and that you will have to submit all your categories at once, so make sure you have visited all the category pages and made note of your top 5 preference in order.

Voting requires you to rank your top five submissions in order. Please direct any queries to Haaris Qureshi, Returning Officer