PCAs – Unsung Hero

Demon TV

Ashton Matthews is our Unsung Hero. She has been a source of support for everyone and everything in not only Demon TV but also Demon Media this year. She always offers help, advice and is someone that we know we can always rely on. She’s worked incredibly hard all year and put her heart and soul into everything she has done, She took on roles that weren’t asked or needed of her but impacted us amazingly, like supporting FM in the struggles with the licence (even though she was snowed under with commitments within Demon TV).

Demon TV has had the best relationship with the SU this year more than ever before and it wouldn’t have been possible without Ashton. She took on the role as Chair of Demon Media, something we’ve never had before, and strengthened our relationships with societies. This has helped in this transition year of Demon finally becoming a society. This has also enhanced the content Demon TV has been able to create, working closer with Sports Clubs and Societies and utalising the skill sets of other students within the University.

She’s has given the SU and the University a good name for itself working with DMU Local, Effects Digital on a Road Safety campaign here in Leicester and other local businesses really helping to benefit the community around us.

]Ashton has just been outstanding and going above and beyond for Demon Media, the uni, SU , the community around us and most importantly not letting any of this impede her work for Demon TV. She truly deserves some recognition for how much she has helped our station grow.

Forge TV

Un-sung Hero – Chelsea Burrell

Chelsea has been a key member of Forge TV since joining in 2016. She started off as a member filming a dating show for freshers and has now been on the committee for two years. As a member, Chelsea was always taking part and helping out whenever she could, becoming one of the most reliable members that year. After a year abroad she came back as Head of Training where she ran multiple training sessions for both committee and members throughout her time in the role. Her effort meant our members received a higher level of training than has been given in previous years.

Due to our Head of Tech role being unfilled for the whole year, Chelsea split the responsibilities of this role with the previous Station Manager, taking a key role in the maintenance of our tech for the year. Then, in May, Chelsea was elected as Head of Tech in our AGM. Having only been in the role for a few months she has already done a lot of work to help Forge TV and has been working hard ever since being elected. She’s used summer as an opportunity to completely overhaul our Tech Cupboard making the entire space much more functional and more organised. In this process she has also created an inventory containing every item we own so that we can get a new online booking system in place. This booking system has been long anticipated by several of us on committee and Chelsea has worked very hard to get this system in place before our new members join at the start of October. Chelsea’s efforts over the last year have led to big changes in how Forge TV store and look after our tech and this will help ensure that our tech lasts longer than before so future committees can still have quality tech to use.

As well as playing a prominent role on the committee, she has always been active at creating and producing content. In the past year she has helped with many different projects, including our Stagelights documentary and Varsity coverage. She has also created two new series for Forge TV which she has taken from her own ideas and fully produced them into high quality videos. The first of these is Geek Sheet which is her round-up style video of pop culture news and her other new series is All Aboard. This series focuses on board gaming with each episode having a group of people playing a new game. Both these series are very different to previous Forge content and have opened our content to new audiences which we had not targeted before.

Chelsea is an invaluable member of Forge TV who has made huge efforts to better Forge TV and help people out. Many of her efforts have been made ‘behind the scenes’ and so her work often goes under-appreciated. She is Forge TV’s un-sung hero and her work deserves all the recognition it can get.


Patrick Simpson has been a part of GUST for four years, during which he has been Lifestyle Producer, Social Convenor and for the past two years he has been in charge of running the station as our Controller. We want to submit Patrick for the UnSung Hero Award as we feel his work and dedication to GUST should be celebrated.

Patrick has worked tirelessly throughout his time as Controller. In the midst of NaSTA submissions week of 2018, he stayed in the GUST office for 36 hours straight to endeavour to submit our Best Broadcaster entry. This was after a massive technical failure caused the entire project file to be unlinked and corrupted. Himself and the rest of the management team fought to make sure our disqualified content was ultimately recognised, and was an integral part in helping fix the NaSTA guidelines when it came to the appeals process. 

During Freshers’ Week 2018, he had less than eight hours’ sleep throughout the whole week. He was either up editing a night shoot or checking videos to make sure GUST’s well known standard of broadcasting was being maintained. When our website crashed on the Monday of Freshers’ Week, he constantly called, emailed and messaged every technical support line at the university to try and get it up and working as soon as possible so that our schedule would not be affected. This all shows the amount of dedication Patrick had to make sure GUST ran sufficiently. 

He was also fully committed to GUST and throughout his 4 years as a member, he never once missed a single studio or production meeting. He was able to balance his university work while still making sure that GUST ran smoothly, being on hand as soon as any issues arose. Although he was in charge of running the station, Patrick was always available to offer advice, help out with a project or be there for a friendly chat. He made every Fresher joining GUST welcome and is a factor into why so many of our members continued to come along. Even after his term as Controller ended, he provided invaluable support to the incoming management team.

For many of us, we do not know GUST without Patrick Simpson, which is why there will be an empty space now that he has graduated. This furthers the fact that he should be recognised for his four years of dedication, passion and above all love for this station. He is and always will be a GUSTie, a term he fought to keep in our constitution throughout his time at GUST, and the perfect word for us to describe him. He is everything that our station aims to represent: he is welcoming, he is kind, and above all he is a wonderful friend to all of us.


There are few other people in student television who have worked as hard as LSTV’s Matt Foster not only over the past 12 months, but during his 3 years at LSTV as a whole. During his final year as our Head of Music, Matt Foster brought a level of dedication and hard work to the table that is difficult to accomplish, raising the bar for what is considered possible for student television across the UK.

In his time as Head of Music, Matt not only covered a range of West Yorkshire based music events and festivals such as Leeds Festival, Live at Leeds, Slam Dunk and World Island, but also organised one. In collaboration with our head of live, Matt headed up LSTV’s first ever live music broadcast, Loud and Clear, bringing in 4 up-and-coming UK artists in the form of Tasha, Ben Brown, The Gallery and Everyday People to Leeds to perform in an hour long broadcast with about 100 people in attendance.

As an artist liaison Matt Foster is second to none, getting the likes of Maisie Peters and Tom Walker into the LSTV office for live studio sessions and interviews. His behind-the-scenes work organising interviews and access to gigs in the Leeds music scene has provided multiple members with the opportunity to meet their favourite artists such as Tom Grennan, Less Than Jake and The Wombats.

As a producer Matt was exceptional, in creating the winning entry for best title sequence at this year’s NaSTA conference, Matt taught himself how to use Adobe After Effects in just over a week and composed the music himself, creating a fiercely creative and visually stunning entry. Over his three years here, Matt made himself a staple member of LSTV, earning credits through, presenting, editing, camerawork and many other roles, becoming a jack-of-all-trades in the society.

And most importantly as a friend, Matt was an absolute joy to have around. He had an infectiously positive energy which had the ability to raise the mood of any room he walked into. Matt’s passion for helping others was something that really stood out in his time at LSTV, whether it was helping other people get their project off the ground, helping people get the chance to interview with their favourite band or just to camera for someone’s small video.

But most of all, the reason Matt Foster’s effort has shone through in his time at LSTV, is his work ethic. Matt Foster was able to accomplish all this, all while going through the final year of his Broadcast Journalism degree and also traveling back and forth between his job teaching children music in Sheffield and his education and extra-curricular efforts with LSTV in Leeds. Matt Foster has not only contributed to LSTV with a range of impressively produced content but has also impacted the wider community by bringing music and amazing opportunities to the people around him.


Noel Leung has worked on many projects since her first day as a fresher. She has thrown
herself into many facets of the production cycle from producing to editing. She has worked
many of our videos that we released. She started her time in StagTV as the main editor of
the GameFace series that was started in 2018/19, she took the lead in the edits of the
videos and would push to set an editing standard for the videos which are followed by other
members. In order to push herself further, she also helped out in the filming and editing of
other projects which were either broadcasted live on our channel or were paid by external
clients both within and outside the University. These projects include; Live From Studio 1,
Surrey Decides, Area Of National Beauty conference coverage, Staff Wellbeing video,
Department of Law’s Christmas Trial, Student’s Union executive streams and Strictly Come
Surrey’s VTs.
In the broadcasted live events, she was a great help in filling out the less popular roles and
would take charge of video productions that no one wanted to do since they were not
glamourous. It was this selfless act of doing the job without needing recognition that made
her a reliable member in StagTV.
During commercial projects, she acts professionally and is able to give accurate timescales
to what she can deliver to the client. When she takes on the task, she ensures the demands
are met and will give enough time for feedback and changes to be made, without
compromising on the final product delivery deadline. She has taken this attitude one step
further by ensuring that she sets herself realistic expectations and ensures that the client
understands them too.
Noel stepped up to a challenging role of Technical Manager in the incoming StagTV
committee without much knowledge in the field of video production and the technologies
surrounding it. Nevertheless, she is still learning well and is currently supporting the re-
building of our systems alongside our previous technical managers. Her willingness to learn
and adapt to her everchanging role has also allowed her to grow accustomed to the role of a
She produced two of our very well made videos, our Best Broadcaster video for NASTA and
a Vlog video about MCM London Comic Con. In a span of less than 5 months, she has been
trusted with being a producer. Due to how diligently she studied our resident producers and
online production guides, she was able to successfully realise those two very well made
videos of differing genres, without affecting the style of edits.
Noel has moved from strength to strength. Currently undertaking a revamp of our Wiki-
page to ensure continuity of our technical knowledge to future members, she is ensuring
easy accessibility of knowledge and accuracy in information recorded. Noel is working
closely with all members in the committee to ensure proper handover documentation is
done. Doing all of this not for recognition but because she feels it is right.


Amongst YSTV, Stephanie Shires is well known for being a bright, yellow loving ray of sunshine who always brings a smile to the studio. We feel that dedication to wellbeing is rarely praised, as it is pushed aside in favour of awarding technical achievements, and we believe it is important to recognise members who make Student TV a better place.

As Station Director, she has used her position to improve wellbeing and mental health support, using our relationship with our student union to seek better solutions and resolve issues kindly. Steph always takes time to listen to our members and develop friendships with everyone she meets. This has been a large part of making student TV a more approachable prospect to new freshers, who are frequently intimidated by the cliquey nature of student societies. To further her impact, she is a student trustee for NASTA, bringing her wellbeing priorities into the wider student TV community. She is keen to build relationships with other stations and has pioneered the joint production of Forge and YSTV for this year’s PCAs.

Steph has also reformed the less glamorous side of media, addressing the YSTV Constitution which had not been officially amended for 7 years. She helped enact 51 amendments which restructured the entire committee to best serve the changing structure of YSTV and to improve communication between roles. This will provide a much more relevant and substantial document for future YSTV members.

Not only has Steph brought many changes to wellbeing at YSTV, she has also produced some of the most impressive and extensive productions that YSTV has attempted in its 50 years. Most importantly is Micklegate Run, the soapbox race that raises money for charity and promotes local businesses. She edited tirelessly every day for 3 weeks last summer, but little did any of us realise how big the project would come to be. Many would give up, but she was committed to her promise to the businesses of Micklegate the entire production of Micklegate Run. The finished result is 1hr 42mins and 39s as can be found on YouTube, finished in August 2019. It took 19 months from start to finish, used over 30 hours of footage, contains over 250 graphic elements and 100s of hours editing.
Alongside Micklegate Run, Steph has fostered better ties between YSTV and the wider York community in other ways, organising productions such as filming the York Theatre performances and filming the York Race for Life. These initial productions have built momentum for YSTV to look outside of its campus and bring exposure to important local events. We have since filmed local plastic free shops and local community movements like York Open Studios and York’s Youth Climate Strike.

For these reasons we believe Steph is truly an unsung hero, who dedicates much of her life to bringing joy to the stressful day to day life of YSTV’s members and has given so much to every aspect of production, from Micklegate Run to amending the constitution.