Pick of the Week 17th March 2017

Pick of the Week 17th March 2017

It’s student union election season and we’ve got our biggest ever Pick of the Week with seven stations! Take a look at some of the best SU elections’ coverage from across the UK.


LSUTV have produced a highlights video from the elections coverage.

Exec Elections 2017 | In Case You Missed It


Stag have an entire playlist of election videos with their Surrey Decides series covering everything from individual candidate husts, four debates and the results.


After 4 days of live debates ForgeTV produced this exciting highlights video.

Campus TV

Campus TV tried to bring some real accountability to the process by getting ‘Jeremy Paxman’ to grill candidates.


EUTV covered a debate at their Students’ Union


AT Northampton UonTV took a very different approach from most stations. They took a much lower key approach to elections’ coverage but they were approached by a candidate to make a campaign video for them.

Demon TV

Finally This week Demon TV have been filming a series of debates including this one which features the Vice President Welfare & Community and Presidential candidates.