Pick of the Week: Best of Freshers

Pick of the Week: Best of Freshers

So it’s been a few weeks since the last ‘Pick of the Week’ but we thought we’d kick off with a special ‘Best of Freshers’ Edition. Over the last few weeks and months, student TV stations across the country have produced hundreds of hours of videos dedicated to welcoming the newest batch of Freshers. There were so many fantastic entries that we couldn’t just pick one winner. Here’s a few of our favourites from across the country!

XTV gave us an ‘A to Z of Freshers Week’ throughout the whole week in a great series of videos.

SpaLife TV asked students ‘What is your advice for first year?’ to help students just arriving to university.

YSTV bought us the highlights of their exciting Freshers Festival.

For fans of traditional Scottish gatherings, AirTV went along to University of Sterling’s Ceilidh.

KTV asked ‘What is KTV?’ in a very inspiring video

Here is the highlights of Freshers’ Week at LA1TV, make sure to watch the end!

Finally Trent TV gives us this great summary of the programmes during freshers.