Exeter 2013

Get ready for the spectacle that is NaSTA40, hosted by XTV at the University of Exeter. Re-live the magic of the 40th National Student Television Awards in full, with hosts Dan John and Glynn Jones.

An XTV production.

As part of the National Student Television Association (NaSTA) awards, last weekend saw the University of Exeter Students’ Guild’s XTV welcome the future of the television industry to Exeter, and be rewarded with several awards of their own.

Now in its 40th year, the awards were part of NaSTA’s annual conference, which also provides a series of workshops run by industry experts during the lead up to the awards ceremony on the day.

Organised, hosted and streamed live by XTV, the evening’s awards provided everyone in attendance with a night to remember, and attracted a huge range of industry professionals and Exeter alumni.

Hugh Blackstaffe, Host Coordinator of NaSTA 40, said: “NasTA 40 was an unequivocal success. Both the conference and awards surpassed all our expectations and the effort of everyone involved was phenomenal. If it was not the best NaSTA Conference there has ever been, then it is certainly up there with the best.”

Lawrence Bolton, Chair of NaSTA, said: “This weekend was an absolute triumph. The University of Exeter and the Students’ Guild should be extremely proud of the hard work, dedication and excellence shown by their students this weekend. On behalf of the National Student Television Association, I would like to applaud the NaSTA 40 team, led by Hugh Blackstaffe, who worked tirelessly to ensure the event was a success and it was in every way. I would also like to congratulate every delegate who attended and the award winners. This has been an outstanding year for NaSTA and an outstanding conference and award weekend.”

Reporting by Exeter University