What is Freshers TV?

Freshers TV is an annual broadcast brought to you by NaSTA and hosted by one chosen student TV Station. It’s one of the highlights of the Student TV calendar and looks back at the best time thousands of freshers go through at Universities up and down the UK.

It’s a chance to show the nation what Universities and student TV stations are all about during the freshers season. Each station has the opportunity to share their freshers coverage to the rest of the student television community and can even get involved live! All NaSTA affiliated stations are welcome and encouraged to get involved!

In 2017 Demon TV from De Montfort University in Leicester hosted the show, which was live at 6pm on October 25th.

Each student TV station is invited to contribute and can do so either live or via a pre-recorded segment.

Your Hosts

We are Demon TV, De Montfort University (DMU)’s Student Television Station.

Over the 11 years we’ve been in operation, we have covered a variety of different live television events from celebrity interviews to sport broadcasts, from music events to our annual charity marathons – even as far as hosting Freshers TV three years ago. Like every station, we encourage our members to produce content that’s of the highest quality technically and creatively, giving them the perfect foundation for a career in the TV industry, and a ton of fun along the way.

What to expect.

For Freshers TV 2017, we will once again utilise De Montfort University’s recently renovated on-site TV studio and it’s dedicated facilities, including multi-camera setup, Sound Gallery, VT Play-out, talk- back systems and exible lighting rig. The Studio would act as the main hub of the broadcast, allowing for in-studio segues, other stations live contributions and video packages from other stations to be included in-between. Meanwhile, outside broadcasts will be located around our campus to greater involve our societies.

Freshers is all about students so it seems a logical focus for our broadcast. We aim to involve some of these sports and societies, such as the DMU steppers (original dance), cocktail society and DMU saints cheer-leading who will present these challenges to a live studio audience and the online audience. We also want to interview freshers/students and ask them about their own Freshers experience, helping keep the broadcast interesting and student focused.

Getting Involved.

You can get involved by sending in a pre-recorded TV of your freshers week content lasting between 5 and 10 minutes or we can establish a live stream feed on the day. If you’re going live you should also plan for around 5 to 10 minutes. If you feel up to it, we’ll even give your presenters a challenge that they should complete while we’re live. We’ll then catch up with them later in the show to see how they get on! Whichever option, you’ll just need to send

As ever, we will leave it entirely up to the participating stations as to how they wish to fill this segment, be it a pre-recorded video, an outside broadcast we can throw to or other form of content. We feel that this creative freedom is part of what makes Freshers TV special, and does a great job at showcasing what student television is all about.

Some of the greatest highlights of our time in Student TV have come from sitting down and watching Freshers TV together as a station, so we want to encourage other stations to do this through challenging them to various social media challenges via social media or Skype after their content, again fuelling this social media focus during the broadcast. Communication to Stations producers/technical teams will be executed throughout the show via a NaSTA Slack channel and then via telephone if necessary when their segment nears.

Presenter Introduces a Station / University
Station plays out pre-recorded video or performs main section of their streamed content.
Host station interacts with the live streaming station and challenges them. Throw back to host.
Host station presenters check back in with remote station to see the audiences / stations response to the challenge

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